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An important component of a graduate education is connection for professional and career development: connection to diverse graduate populations, broader communities of practice and resources, and to faculty and postdoctoral scholars. The Graduate College's mentoring initiatives provide these resources.

Why is mentoring important?

The success of ASU graduate students depends on the strength of the connections and relationships they form during their time here. Mentorship can dramatically bolster graduate student persistence, orient students to the expectations and norms of academia and the professional world, and help them solidify their developing scholarly identities. The presence (or lack) of motivational resources and support like faculty mentorship is a stronger predictor of graduate student success than student aptitude.

Mentoring Resources for Graduate Students

ASU’s scholarly communities are strengthened by diversity and inclusion of a multiplicity of perspectives and ideas. The GradConnect Mentoring Network offers both mentoring opportunities for graduate students and mentor training resources for graduate students interested in becoming mentors.

Resources for Faculty Who Mentor Graduate Students

Fostering strong paraprofessional relationships with faculty allows graduate students and postdoctoral scholars to network and prepare for careers. The GradConnect Mentoring Network has resources geared to help faculty and staff navigate the graduate mentoring relationship.