Enrich Your Experience

Enrich Your Experience


Mentorship is a stronger predictor of graduate student success than academic aptitude.

As a graduate student at ASU you should work on developing broad mentor networks. These should include formal one-on-one advisor relationships with faculty and professionals in your intended career fields, as well as informal peer mentoring groups for navigating graduate life.

Find a faculty advisor

Use the Graduate College’s Graduate Faculty Finder to find a faculty advisor or mentor who will be your primary guide to completing your academic program or research.

Graduate College Outstanding Faculty Mentors

Nominated by their students every year for excellence in mentoring, our Outstanding Faculty Mentor awardees share their mentoring philosophies and practices.

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National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity

As a part of its inclusion and diversity initiatives, ASU is proud to be an institutional member of the National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity. The NCFDD offers a variety of webinars, training materials, and other resources ideal for faculty, postdoctoral scholars and graduate students. Individual free account activation required.