Best Practices

Best Practice: How to create an International Accelerated Degree Program (IADP)

By RoniSue Lee on January 31, 2020
What is an IADP?
Arizona State University (ASU) works with leading international partner universities to develop collaborative-degree programs like IADPs; a collaborative degree program in which students spend time studying at both universities, following an accelerated curricular path to earn a bachelor’s and a master’s degree. This best practice guide walks you through how to create an International Accelerated Degree Program. Popular IADP formats have included 3+1+1, 1+1, 2+1 and 4+1+2. Additional format proposals are welcome.

Download the PDF: How to create an International Accelerated Degree Program

 IADP benefits to students

  • Accelerated degree completion
  • GRE and GMAT requirements are waived
  • Lower tuition cost and only one application fee
  • Special support for IADP students

IADP benefits to ASU

  • International partner schools recruit highly-qualified applicants
  • Very high student success rates
  • Strong potential candidates for ASU doctoral programs
  • Expanding ASU’s global knowledge mobility and research networks

Student eligibility for ASU admission

  • Proof of pre-required courses or degree
  • Standard qualifying GPA and English language proficiency test scores (per the academic level being entered at ASU)
  • Standard financial guarantee and U.S. immigration documents
  • IADP undergraduate students must meet academic requirements to enroll in the ASU master’s segment of their IAD
  • GRE/GMAT requirements are waived

Tips to help you develop a new IADP agreement

Stay connected to ASU Global

  • The Office of the University Provost and Graduate College jointly staff the ASU Global Working Group which supports IADPs. This group has standardized processes and templates for creating IADP agreements and will support you and your partner institutions throughout your IADP set-up and operations.

Invest in personal relationships

  • Relationships are key to strong, sustained international collaborative degree programs. The most productive IADPs are supported by connections between both universities’ leadership, faculty and staff. Nurtured through in-person visits, conference meetups, video meetings and other types of communication. The success and growth of your program will be directly impacted by the quality of those relationships.

Be thorough in the set-up

  • Addressing the most common concerns during program set-up improves the IADP experience for everyone. The agreement(s) you develop will clarify students’ curricular Plans of Study (POS), responsibilities of the schools and students, and other helpful details. The set-up process is also designed to move agreement(s) through the range of approvals required at both universities as smoothly as possible. The ASU Global Working Group is always there to provide the support and resources you need.

Overview of the IADP development process

Contact the ASU Global Working Group at when you have an idea or opportunity for an IADP. We can provide detailed instructions, templates and support for getting your agreements completed and approved.

Initial Partnership Review

  • ASU Global Office evaluates the partnership potential, ASU history with the partner and whether a General Collaboration Agreement should be created at the institutional level.

Identify Primary Contacts

  • Dedicated, primary contacts are identified at the ASU academic unity and partner school for set-up and care of IADP programs.

Plan of Student Completion

  • Plan of Study (POS) details are worked out and agreed-to by the ASU academic unit and partner school.

Final POS approval comes from Graduate College.

Agreement Template Completion

  • Agreement template is filled-out/edited and greed-to by the ASU academic unit and partner school.
  • Graduate College obtains General Counsel approval of any changes to terms in the template.
  • Approval to move to signature-routing comes from Graduate College.

Supporting Rationale*

  • ASU academic unit completes a template for describing the merits of the partnership for requesting top-level signatures at ASU.

Academic Unit Dean’s Approval*

  • ASU academic unity submits a statement of partnership approval from its top dean to Graduate College.

Signature Routing*

  • Graduate College coordinates a signature route based on logistics and partner school requirements.

Distribution of Full-executed Agreement

  • Graduate College distributes fully-signed originals and copies to primary contacts at ASU and partner school.