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360 Life Services provides support tools for online student success

Posted on November 7, 2019

The decision to pursue a graduate degree can be marked with a combination of both excitement and nerves. Students often juggle many responsibilities that do not simply disappear while navigating an advanced degree. For online students, managing those responsibilities can be even more challenging. In an effort to specifically support online students as they navigate their educational journey, ASU Online has launched 360 Life Services.

360 Life Services is a comprehensive support program that offers a variety of tools and resources for online students. Notably, the program offers 24/7 counseling and crisis intervention allowing students to immediately and confidentially connect with a mental health professional. Depending on the topic of concern, students are matched with an appropriate professional and have the option of telephone or in-person counseling. Solution-based counseling sessions can cover, but are not limited to stress, anxiety, work habits and career focus. Students can also schedule future appointments if they are not seeking immediate counseling services.

In addition to counseling services, students also have access to articles focused on a range of topics from parenting and aging to moving and overall health. Students can also use tools to search for childcare providers, adoption services or certified financial planners. Whether students need help navigating a life change, seeking tips for staying healthy or using counseling services, 360 Life Services is one of the many tools dedicated to helping students find success both in and outside the classroom.

How do I contact 360 Life Services?

Call 833-223-9883 for immediate counseling or navigate to the site through MyASU Resources > Student Success and Support > 360 Life Services. Online students can also connect with their Success Coach to learn more about the program.

** 360 Life Services is a program specifically for students enrolled in an ASU Online program. Students attending a physical campus can useĀ ASU Counseling Services **