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By Wiley Larsen on May 6, 2021

Do you have trouble getting motivated to write? Or maybe you’re just so busy in the lab that you feel like you don’t have time? Writing groups can be a great way to get motivated and set aside time for writing!

The ASU Postdoctoral Affairs Office launched a writing group back in February and it has met every Thursday since.  

Writing group participants have worked on a variety of projects—from grant applications to scientific articles, to presentations.   

Alison Roth says the writing group has helped her to set aside time for writing that would otherwise get lost in days filled with meetings and data analysis. 

“The writing group really helps me to focus and ignore distractions,” Roth said. “We are all striving for a common goal: to write more.”    

Steffi Kapsetaki has participated in the writing group from her home in Greece, where she has been during the pandemic. Even though it takes place at 10 p.m. her time, she has found it beneficial.    

“The best part of joining a writing group is that I actually devote an entire hour or two on writing,” she said. “Plus, it is actually very rewarding to produce something that will be part of a future publication, media article, or grant, and share thoughts with colleagues in the writing group.”  

Qiwen Cheng agrees.  

"Setting aside time to write in a group has improved my writing habits. The group motivates me to plan ahead, stay focused and productive, and stick to deadlines."

If you would like to join the current writing group, which meets at 1 p.m. on Thursdays, email Wiley Larsen for the Zoom link.

Happy writing!