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ASU Graduate College summer workshop series for ASU staff and faculty

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By Tracy Viselli on April 20, 2021

The Graduate College has built a summer workshop series to help ASU staff and faculty take advantage of the resources we provide to enable student success. Whether your graduate program needs to update its handbook to be more equitable, inclusive and student-centered, wants to make the most of Graduate College’s student accounts tools or would like to make better use of student information, the Graduate College Summer Workshop Series has got you covered. The workshop series is an addition to the Building Networked Communities meeting series to engage with the ASU graduate community of staff and faculty who support graduate students and programs at ASU. 

  • Work with the Graduate College’s Graduate Student Advisory Group in an interactive workshop on creating inclusive handbooks.

  • Learn the best practices for graduate student funding from the experts. 

  • Learn how Graduate College data and analytics tools can help you make evidence-based decisions using student data.

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Student-centered, antiracist approaches to graduate program handbooks

Thursday, May 20
10:00 - 11:30 a.m.
Speaker: Tamara Underiner, Associate Dean and members of the Graduate Student Advisory Group

A program handbook is not just a rulebook; it’s a document of belonging and guidance. Is yours all it could be to help students feel welcome, even as it introduces them to the ins and outs of your graduate program?  Join us and our panel of graduate student advisors for an interactive workshop on creating inclusive handbooks with access, equity and belonging in mind.


Best Practices in Graduate Student Funding

Wednesday, June 16
10:00 - 11:30 a.m.
Speakers: Katrina Roalson and Angie Mitchell, Fiscal Business Services

Join us to discuss the Graduate College tools available for appointing and awarding graduate students. We will provide foundational information on processing, timing, deadlines and reviewing student accounts. Attendees will be provided with resources and examples of best practices to incorporate.


Best Practices for Using Analytics: GC Dashboard and Graduate Student Progress Reports

Thursday, July 22
10:00 - 11:30 a.m.
Speakers: Brian Mattson, Janet Duke, and Steve Yena, Graduate Program Services and Data and IT

Join us to discuss the Graduate College analytics tools that give you access to important graduate student data on enrollment, degrees, resources and student progress at ASU. We’ll provide an overview of our analytics tools like the Graduate College Dashboard and Graduate Student Progress reports, use breakout rooms to help you get more out of the tools and preview what’s coming soon.