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Graduate Faculty FAQ

Q: How to apply to Graduate Faculty

If you are tenured/tenure track faculty and would like to join Graduate Faculty in your home PhD program, contact your graduate PhD director and ask for approval. After the unit approves, the director should send an email to gradfac@asu.edu to request your addition to the Graduate Faculty.

If you are in a different department or college than the PhD program of interest, complete an application. Send the application and current vita to the PhD program committee chair and indicate in the subject line the name of the specific program. The PhD program committee will review the application and make a recommendation to the Graduate College.

Q: How to add faculty to your PhD program

Send an email to gradfac@asu.edu with the PhD program in the subject line. In the body, indicate the faculty to add to the program graduate faculty. If a faculty member is to be endorsed to chair, attach a copy of the faculty member's vita to the email.

To set up the Graduate Faculty for a new PhD program, complete a roster for the program and indicate faculty member status (i.e. member, co-chair, chair). Include a vita for all faculty members to be endorsed to chair.

Q: Do units and departments lose any control of their PhD programs?

No. Units retain the current level of decision making over admission, teaching assignments, curriculum, etc. Inclusion in Graduate Faculty is not required, but highly beneficial to faculty and students.

Q: Who can be on PhD committees?

An individual must be an ASU tenure/tenure track faculty member to be part of Graduate Faculty. Individuals who hold appropriate related ASU appointments (e.g., research professors) or affiliations (e.g., Mayo, TGen, BNI, Banner), and have the appropriate scholarship and mentoring credentials may also apply to be members of the Graduate Faculty.


For other questions, see the Graduate Faculty Guidelines or contact Dr. Tamara Underiner, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs at the Graduate College, at Tamara.Underiner@asu.edu.

To search for Graduate Faculty members, see the Graduate Faculty Finder Tool.