New mentoring circles support graduate students

If you’re a graduate student looking to connect and create community around common identities and interests, join a mentoring circle!

The Graduate College is piloting a new group mentoring experience. "Circles" are peer-driven mentoring groups available to students looking for community and support within shared academic and cultural identities.

Mentoring circles supporting the following identity-based communities are launching now:

  • First-generation graduate students

  • International graduate students

  • Ethnic and racial minority graduate students

  • LGBTQIA+ graduate students

  • Graduate students underrepresented in their academic disciplines

Peer mentoring circles meet on a regular basis determined by each circle. Participants themselves will drive discussions around topics or challenges that reflect the common need. Each circle is led by mentors who have completed the CIRCLES Mentor Training Program. These mentors will be guided by a general mentoring framework developed by the Graduate College.

Students interested in more information about starting a new circle or joining an existing circle should visit the Graduate College CIRCLES Group Mentoring webpage or email