President Crow’s diversity initiative funding 30 postdoctoral fellowships

In response to events surrounding the deaths of George Floyd and Breanna Taylor, ASU President Michael Crow published a 25-point plan to address diversity concerns at the university. One of those points includes a new postdoc fellowship program for people of color at ASU.

"ASU commits to establishing a Presidential Postdoctoral Fellowship Program funding a minimum of 30 postdoctoral fellowships from underrepresented communities over the next two years who will — presuming satisfactory performance — continue on after two years into a tenure-track position. This program will continue so that we are creating a long-term process to diversify the faculty of the university."

The President’s Postdoctoral Fellowship Program intends to fund 30 fellowships for postdoctoral fellows of color over two years to help increase the diversity of the faculty at ASU. These individuals will have the opportunity to apply for tenure-track faculty positions at ASU as they near completion of the fellowship.

Most of the details of the program are still in development, but the program is likely to increase the number of postdocs at ASU by nearly 10%.