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According to the 2024 Fall Enrollment Report, Arizona State University's graduate student population is flourishing. This esteemed community encompasses over 31,000 on-campus and online learners. The Graduate and Professional Student Association (GPSA) serves as the official voice of ASU graduate students. It acknowledges this population's challenges in securing affordable and convenient housing within the Greater Phoenix Area.

GPSA President McCaughan recognizes that rising rent costs pose a significant hurdle for students on fixed incomes. The policy of GPSA’s Current Executive team prioritizes affordability, sustainability, wellness and inclusion. 

Understanding Graduate Student Needs

While ASU offers a vibrant on-campus experience, few housing options cater to the 14,419 students enrolled in an on-campus immersion program. Due to limited on-campus options, many graduate students opt to live off-campus. However, lengthy commutes to campus impact study time and well-being. Notably, a recent National Bureau of Economic Research study found a correlation between longer commutes and delays in degree completion.

The GradSPACE Survey: Your Voice Matters

Dedicated to advocating for the betterment of all ASU graduate students, GPSA has launched the GradSPACE survey. This initiative aims to gather data on your housing situation and preferences, regardless of where you currently live. By participating, you contribute to a comprehensive understanding of housing challenges faced by graduate students.

Survey Components

The GradSPACE survey will gather information on your current housing situation and preferences. Here's what you can expect:

  • Current Housing Situation: Please indicate whether you currently reside on-campus, off-campus or in another arrangement.
  • Rental Costs: Please share your monthly housing expenses, including rent and utilities.
  • Commute Time: Please specify the round-trip commute distance to campus (for those off-campus).

To conclude the survey, we'd like to understand your preferences for future housing options. There will be the following question:

  • Are you interested in on-campus housing designed for graduate students?

Building a Sustainable Future, Together

By participating in this brief survey, your valuable insights will help the GPSA advocate for solutions that address the graduate student housing challenges. Your feedback is critical in creating a more sustainable and supportive environment that fosters success.

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Edited by Marjani DeHoff