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Was my master's worth it

Was my master’s degree worth it?

Was getting my master’s degree worth it? If this question stopped you from pursuing a master’s or crossed your mind before you began a program—you are not alone. When considering which degree is right for you, contemplating what college, which program, when to start and what classes to take can make the thought of graduate school seem overwhelming. Not to mention, is the return even worth the investment? 

A recent graduate from the Hugh Downs School of Human Communication, Kateri Wozny, documents her online experience through obtaining her Master of Arts in Communication. As a full-time employee, she discusses her decision to pursue an online graduate degree, compares programs from various schools, offers personal advice and takes you through her course load. While you are the only one who can answer if a master’s is ‘worth' it or not, a little advice and perspective can ease some concerns or answer burning questions that you may have.  

Read about the visit that ‘sparked’ her journey to becoming a permanent member of the Sun Devil family! 

I got a Master’s Degree in Communication. Was it Worth it?