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International Initiatives
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Report aims to shed light on recruitment and engagement of international students at ASU

The Graduate College released the latest annual report on International Graduate Students and Academic Partnerships on May 1, 2018.

This annual report is designed to show the impact of international graduate programs across many different disciplines, countries and cultures that comprise international researchers at ASU. It aims to provide university administrators and academic units an assessment of how and where units engage internationally. The data brings visibility to opportunities for growth of international programs in every corner of the world.

The report structure was driven by four main questions:

Where are ASU’s international students coming from?

Which units are international students going to?

What has changed over time?

Where are the opportunities for developing new programs and reaching out to new populations of students?

GIS maps provided in the report reveal large areas of the world where ASU can realize new opportunities for graduate education. In particular, Southeast Asia, Africa and Latin America show significant opportunities for graduate program growth. The hope is that this report will inspire development of innovative ways ASU can reach out to the over 2 billion people that live in those areas of the world.

The report focuses on schools and colleges. However, the Graduate College is committed to working with all units at ASU to find opportunities for development of new international initiatives and collaborations. To that end, the report includes a self-assessment guide and a roadmap for working with the Provost’s Office and the Graduate College on how to increase international engagement.

The importance and impact of international programs goes far beyond the numbers reflected in this document. Many of the important challenges humans face in the 21st century are global in scale and require interdisciplinary solutions. To find these solutions, networks of academicians, politicians and private sector enterprises in the 21st century must be global in scope. International programs at ASU serve to deepen ASU’s commitment to this kind of global engagement.

If you would like more information, email Associate Dean, Brian H. Smith at BrianHSmith@asu.edu.