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Top public university for international students

Arizona State University is ranked as the top public university of choice for international students according to the 2018 Open Doors Report on International Education Exchange. During 2017–18, ASU was home to more than 13,400 international students from over 136 countries. Of those, 4,231 were graduate students.

International students choose ASU for numerous reasons, including graduate research opportunities, a diverse set of campus environments, first-rate faculty and ASU’s international reputation for innovation.

Many of the critical challenges humans face in the 21st century are global in scale and require interdisciplinary solutions.

“International students play important roles in the learning ecologies of the university,” said Dean Alfredo J. Artiles. “They bring professional and educational experiences attained in disparate socio-cultural environments that likely differ from U.S. contexts. All ASU graduate students and faculty benefit from such a wealth of cultural backgrounds for graduate programs and research activities get infused with multiple perspectives that stimulate creativity and innovation. Moreover, the resulting learning ecologies prepare our graduates to be culturally aware and globally engaged.”

One example of the international outreach conducted by the Graduate College is through the Fulbright Program. ASU is the top producer of students who receive the Fulbright scholarship to attend universities abroad. In collaboration with Enrollment Services, the Graduate College takes this a step further by attracting international Fulbright scholars to attend ASU.

“One of our priorities is to target underrepresented regions of the world in our graduate student population, such as Latin America and Africa,” said Artiles, himself a former Fulbright scholar from Guatemala.

Through a collaborative effort with other ASU units and COMEXUS, we have enticed four new Mexican Fulbright students to attend ASU in the upcoming year.

In addition, ASU currently has General Collaboration Agreements with more than 70 universities in 22 different countries, which provide international student opportunities for academic collaboration to be explored by the partner universities.

Throughout the years, ASU has strived to be one of the top international universities utilizing its model of the new American university to reach every corner of the world.

The Graduate College continues to recognize the importance of international students for global engagement at all levels and intends to expand its collaborative work with Fulbright programs to other parts of Latin America.