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ARCS Fellowships: Graduate College hosts recognition event

Posted on November 5, 2018

ASU Graduate College’s Dean Alfredo J. Artiles and Director Jennifer Cason hosted the ARCS® Foundation Phoenix board members, the 2018-2019 ARCS scholars, their faculty mentors and guests at the annual ARCS Foundation Recognition event on September 20. This annual event celebrates the passion of college scientists and showcases their research accomplishments and the impact they are already making on our society. ASU has a long-standing relationship with the ARCS Foundation Phoenix. Their contributions, through the ARCS fellowship program, have supported over 300 ASU doctoral students whose graduate studies are in science and technology.

Congratulations to all of the accomplishments of the 2018-2019 ARCS scholars:

Rebecca Cook, Biological Design, Project Title: Expression and In Vitro Testing of a Novel Fusion Protein Designed to Enhance Immune Recognition of Glioblastoma

Josh Cutts, Biomedical Engineering, Project Title: Investigating the Mechanisms of a Multi-State Model of WNT Signaling

Joshua Daymude, Computer Science, Project Title: Self-Organizing Particle Systems: An Abstraction of Programmable Matter

Adrienne Henderson-Smith, Molecular & Cellular Biology, Project Title: DNA Methylation and Gene Expression Analysis for Parkinson’s Disease Blood Biomarker Discovery

Mariana Lanzarini-Lopes, Environmental Engineering, Project Title: Optical Fibers: Lighting the Way for a New Generation of Water Treatment Technologies

Jennapher Lingo-VanGilder, Biomedical Engineering, Project Title: Using Diffusion Tensor Imaging to Identify the Structural Neural Correlates of Visuospatial and Motor Learning Process

Michael Machas, Chemical Engineering, Project Title: Synthetic Biology Approaches to Improving Aromatic Fine Chemical Production in Escherichia coli

Natalie Mitchell, Microbiology, Project Title: Development of a Rapid Diagnostic Method for Valley Fever Diagnosis Using Mass Spectrometry

Kimberly Olney, Evolutionary Biology, Project Title: Sex Differences in Gene Regulation May Contribute to Sex Differences in Human Development and Disease Susceptibility

Stephen Schaefer, Electrical Engineering, Project Title: III-V Bismide Semiconductor Alloys for Mid- and Long-Wave IR Applications

Victoria Smith, Biomedical Engineering, Project Title: Improvements and Furthering the Application of Nonlinear Dynamics to Human Movement

Christopher Sorini, Mechanical Engineering, Project Title: High-Fidelity Modeling and Analysis of Advanced Polymer Matrix Composites Subjected to Impact/Dynamic Loading

Kirstie Swingle, Chemistry, Project Title: Protein Responsive Gene Networks for Diagnostic Design

Andrew Svesko, Physics, Project Title: Gravitation from Thermodynamics

Danh Truong, Biomedical Engineering, Project Title: Tumor-Stroma Platform Investigating the Effects of Patient-Derived Stromal Fibroblasts on Breast Cancer Cells.