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Graduation Deadlines

Graduation Deadlines

Apply for graduation (see MyASU)Monday
February 17

June 15

October 1
Last day to schedule an oral thesis/dissertation defenseFriday
April 3
June 26
October 23
Last day to hold an oral defense of a thesis/dissertation*Friday
April 17
July 13
November 6
Submit Survey of Earned Doctorates
(PhD and DMA only)
April 20
July 15
November 12
Submit final revisions for thesis/dissertation
format approval by 2 p.m.
April 24
July 20
November 13
Submit signed thesis/dissertation Pass/Fail form to Graduate College by 2 p.m.Friday
April 24
July 20
November 13
Last day to submit Commencement Ceremony Registration (see MyASU)Friday
April 24
November 13
Submit thesis/dissertation to UMI/ProQuest by 2 p.m.Friday
May 1
July 27
November 20
Culminating Experience (non-thesis/dissertation) iPOS data entry by academic unitFriday
May 8
July 31
December 14
Graduate CommencementMonday
May 11
December 14

*All oral defenses of a thesis, dissertation, etc. must be scheduled with the Graduate College at least 10 working days in advance of the planned defense date. Please use the official 10 Working Day Calendar, available online. Please note that there are certain dates during the academic year during which students cannot hold an oral defense of a thesis or dissertation.

Graduation procedures

Forms and assistance

All Graduate College forms are available on the Internet at graduate.asu.edu/student-forms in PDF. Students are responsible for obtaining the most recent version of the forms (available on our website) and submitting them with the appropriate signatures.

Enrollment requirements

Students must be registered for a minimum of one credit hour during all phases of their graduate education, including the term in which they graduate. This includes periods when students are engaged in research, conducting a doctoral prospectus, working on or defending theses or dissertations, taking comprehensive examinations, taking Graduate Foreign Language Examinations, or in any other way utilizing university resources, facilities or faculty time.

Graduation, format evaluations, and oral defense procedures

Step 1: Apply for graduation

You may apply for graduation through the “Graduation” tab on your My ASU, or by contacting the University Registrar’s Office online, in person or by mail. Information about the graduation application procedures and fees is available online: students.asu.edu/graduation. If you apply after the deadline for a semester, you will be assessed a late fee and your name will not appear in the commencement program.

Step 2: Submit materials for format evaluation and schedule the oral defense

When you have identified a suitable defense date with your committee and reserved a building and room number, you will request to schedule the defense through the “Defense” tab on your My ASU. The request to schedule a defense must be submitted at least 10 working days before the planned defense date.

In the “Defense” tab you will have a “Schedule my defense” link that will take you to the electronic schedule form. If the link does not appear on your My ASU, please verify that every item below has been completed and contact your academic unit should you need assistance:

  1. You must be defending a Thesis or Dissertation

  2. You must have an approved iPOS (no pending changes or petitions)

  3. You must have met all minimum 3.0 GPA requirements (iPOS, Graduate and Cumulative)

  4. You must have an approved full committee on the iPOS (no pending changes)

  5. All milestone requirements have been satisfied (for example, written comprehensive examination, foreign language examination, etc.)

  6. Doctoral students must have reached candidacy

  7. You must be an active student and currently enrolled

You must submit a complete draft of your document at least ten (10) calendar days before your defense date by uploading your document to your iPOS via your MyASU.

Please note that the supervisory committee usually requests content revisions after they review a document. Regardless, you need to submit your document fully developed with text in each section. You also need to use the Format Tool prior to submitting your document to the format office.

PhD and DMA students must also submit the Survey of Earned Doctorates through the website link.

Step 3: Approval to hold the oral defense

Once you have submitted the request to schedule a defense, the request must be approved by the academic unit through the iPOS approval system. The Pass/Fail form will be sent to you and your supervisory committee one day prior to your defense, only after your academic unit has approved the defense in the system.

When the defense has been approved, you will receive an email confirmation and your defense will be highlighted on the Graduate College Master’s/Doctoral Defense Schedule website that updates every Monday.

Step 4: Hold the oral defense

Students and supervisory committee chairs must be physically present at the oral defense of their thesis, dissertation or equivalent research document. If, due to unforeseen circumstances, they cannot be physically present, then the oral defense must be rescheduled to another date.

On the day of your defense, your supervisory committee members electronically sign your Pass/Fail form via electronic links sent by DocuSign to their email. You may monitor the status of your pass/fail form through the link you received.

Step 5: Submit thesis/dissertation to UMI/ProQuest

Final Document Approval Pathway:

  1. Students submit the final version of their document that has been approved by the supervisory committee and a format reviewer in the Graduate College to UMI/ProQuest.

  2. The approved document is then reviewed by Graduate College format advisors to ensure compliance with format regulations. Additional format revisions may be required.

  3. When final format approval has been granted, the Graduate College notifies ProQuest that the document is ready for publication.

  4. Once the document has been submitted to ProQuest and approved by the ASU format advisors for publication, the document cannot be recalled; no changes may be made to an approved document. Always double check to make sure you have submitted the correct version for publication.

Students may not receive a letter of degree completion from the Graduation Office until ASU has approved the final document and notified ProQuest.

UMI/ProQuest Submission Instructions

Students are required to create a new user account specific to the submission of their document and must use their ASU email address.

  1. Select the appropriate Publishing Option but do not select “Open Publishing” as Graduate College does not allow open publishing. If you select the “Open Publishing” option your ETD submission will be returned to you.

  2. UMI/ProQuest requires all students to submit a PDF version of their final document. ASU Graduate College requires that the PDF document is in compliance with the formatting standards. Students will receive final format approval only after the submitted PDF document has successfully passed a format review. To create a PDF version of the document, students can use the full Adobe suite for free by logging into asu.edu/myapps, or alternatively, UMI/ProQuest provides a free Word to PDF conversion.

Students have an opportunity to order bound copies of their document for themselves through UMI/ProQuest. They can also go to any third party bindery to obtain bound copies of their document if desired.

Checklist to ensure graduation

You must complete all degree requirements in order to graduate. If you do not complete all requirements in the semester you intend to graduate, you will need to reapply for graduation the next semester. Please make sure you have addressed the following:

  1. Have you applied for Graduation?

  2. Is your iPOS approved with a full committee?

  3. Verify iPOS coursework. Log into your iPOS to verify that your listed coursework matches the courses you took (transcript). If you need to make corrections, please update and resubmit your iPOS.

  4. Are there any pending items in your iPOS? There can be no pending items.

  5. Are you registered for the semester in which you are graduating?

  6. Have you maintained continuous enrollment?

  7. If completing a thesis/dissertation (equivalent)

    • Did you receive final format approval from the Graduate College?

    • Was your Pass/Fail form processed by the Graduate College?

    • Have you submitted your document to UMI/ProQuest?

  8. If you are a PhD or DMA student, have you submitted your Survey of Earned Doctorates (SED)?

  9. If you had an internship, did your chair/internship director submit a letter stating that you have completed all requirements of the internship?