Grad15:Why you should enroll in Preparing Future Faculty and Scholars (PFx) program

In this week's Grad15 mini-webinar, Graduate Affairs program manager Shannon Lujan discussed Preparing Future Faculty and Scholars (PFx), a career-readiness program for current ASU graduate students and postdoctoral scholars.
Designed to complement the deep learning offered by students' academic programs, PFx broadens exposure to diverse career opportunities, guiding participants in exploring the value of their graduate degrees within and beyond academia as they become expert scholar-professionals.
Participants take part in online and in-person seminars, workshops and events and learn to prepare for the job market, build professional mentor networks, consider the value of a graduate degree, and assess and reflect on their professional values, goals and skills.
A core of PFx is a set of seminars offered in Fall semester. The Session A PFx seminar focuses on faculty career development, while Session B examines non-faculty career preparation; each carries two credits, and students may opt to enroll in either or both. These seminars are open to all graduate students and postdoc scholars and will be offered in 2020 via ASU Sync.
In Spring, PFx will offer workshops and special events to build upon the fall courses. These opportunities are open to all, whether previously enrolled in PFx seminars or not, and include a Spring Etiquette Dinner and PFxcellence Lecture. 
For additional information about the program or registration for the Fall seminars, see the PFx website or email the Graduate College. Don't forget to join Grad15 on Tuesdays (at 11 a.m. Arizona time) in July as we explore Graduate College professional development initiatives.
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