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IEW Profile: Pablo Ortega

Pablo Ortega received his PhD in Political Science from the School of Politics and Global Studies in May 2022. He was an international student from Columbia who participated in the Latin American Peace Science Society, which propelled opportunities for research collaboration.

IEW Profile: Angguntari Sari

Annguntari Sari earned her PhD in Political Science at the School of Politics and Global Studies in April 2022. The Graduate Research Support Program (GRSP), Graduate College Fellowship and Graduate College Travel Awards allowed her to broaden connections and study international factors that facilitate or hinder the spread of democratic values.

IEW Profile: Camila Páez-Bernal

Camila Páez-Bernal is a Political Science doctoral student from Columbia. Páez-Bernal received the Fulbright Foreign Student Fellowship to continue her studies at the School of Politics and Global Studies. She will complete her doctorate in July 2024.