Student Funding Spotlight: Achievement Rewards for College Scientists (ARCS)

Funding Spotlight: Jordan Glass, ARCS recipient

Name: Jordan Robert Glass

Hometown: Mesa, Arizona

Degree Program: Biology

Department: School of Life Sciences

Unit: The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Term: 4th year

Expected graduation date: 5/1/2023

Faculty Mentor/Chair: Jon F. Harrison

Funding through the Graduate College: Achievement Rewards for College Scientists (ARCS)

Please list any other funding you have received during your current ASU graduate program: 

Wilhoit Foundation Scholar, Phoenix Chapter of ARCS® Foundation, Inc., 2021-2022

Appointments: TA, RA

Let us know how this Graduate College funding impacted your studies/research/ASU experience:

I have completed two of my dissertation chapters thanks to the ARCS® Foundation. One paper has been written and is under review in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B, and the other is in preparation for submission.

Briefly share what receiving this funding meant to you:

The ARCS® Foundation support has been a boon to my success as a graduate student. Not only has it helped fund my research, but it has made it easier to provide for my wife and three daughters.

If applicable, how did this funding influence your decision/ability to study at ASU or continue your studies at ASU?

A career as a graduate student is not lucrative. Funding from the ARCS® Foundation has allowed me the financial freedom to conduct research in the summer when I would typically teach for a living. This funding has markedly improved the acceleration rate of my studies.

If applicable, was there a specific element of this award that was most important to you?

My previous responses would suggest that money is important to me, but I would argue that the recognition holds more weight. The ARCS® Foundation is an extremely generous and well-known organization. Being able to list myself as an ARCS® Foundation Award recipient has been a key to opening doors I could not have opened myself.


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