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Maximize access and the impact of your research: Knowledge Mobilization Studio

Posted on November 2, 2018

Do you want to make a real impact with your research, inspiring diverse audiences and creating change across disciplines? The Knowledge Mobilization (KM) Studio course provides master's, PhD students and postdocs with the platform, process and knowledge to mobilize their research.

The KM Studio is a one-credit course providing the opportunity to learn and use a knowledge mobilization framework to draw connections between your disciplinary research and a broad range of constituents or end-users.

As a participant in this one-semester course you will use a proven template for knowledge mobilization to conceptualize how to disseminate your innovative research products to create broader impact and solve real-world problems. Working individually and in small groups, you will enhance the access, use and impact of your own scholarship.

The KM Studio is also a space where scholars support each other’s ideas, foster and stimulate connections that contribute to innovation and change. This was evident to Anne-Marie Shaver, a graduate student in Music who said she “got to meet people in other disciplines, see what they were doing and compare how her research could interact with their research.” 

This interdisciplinary, solutions-driven focus prompts participants to disrupt traditional ways of conceptualizing research by posing thought-provoking questions. Art History graduate student Lindsay Owens found the most rewarding and challenging aspect of the KM Studio was learning to identify the ‘who, what, where and why’ of her research, making her think deeply about why she wants to do it and better communicate the importance of her scholarship to others outside her discipline.

PhD graduate student, Babak Rezaee Daryakenari echoed this sentiment. “KM Studio was a great opportunity to get help, through studio discussions, activities and assignments to think systematically about my dissertation research questions differently and transfer knowledge beyond academy.”


KM Studio is one of the Graduate College’s several knowledge mobilization initiatives at ASU in order to help scholars answer the ‘so what?’ of their research.

Learn more by watching the Graduate College KM video.

Enroll in the Knowledge Mobilization Studio today and learn to articulate and leverage your research in exciting new directions.

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Alternating Fridays, 9:40- 11:35 a.m.
COOR, Room 195
Class # 24599

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