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ASU Postdoctoral Career Conference

The purpose of the ASU Postdoctoral Career Conference is to give postdocs the opportunity to explore multiple career pathways, and to help postdocs be successful in their efforts to obtain the jobs of their choosing.

The 2021 ASU Postdoctoral Career Conference will take place March 25, 2021, from 8:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.  Registration will open in January 2021.  

Whether you’re headed for the tenure-track, you’re an industry type or you are one of those crazy startup people, we want to talk about how to get ready for your next big thing. 

This year's conference, held via Zoom teleconferencing, featured ASU’s amazing staff and faculty to provide insight and coaching on the faculty search process. We also had folks from entrepreneurship and innovation presenting on how to launch your big idea through entrepreneurship funding. There were also several sessions related to landing that dream industry job.   

This professional development conference is open to all postdocs, research scientists and final-year PhD students. The purpose of the conference is to reveal and explain hiring processes across all sectors and to expose postdocs to a wider range of career options. 


2020 Agenda and Session Recordings  

Welcome – Alfredo J. Artiles, Dean, ASU Graduate College – VIDEO

Keynote – Chinedum Ojinnaka, Asst Professor of Biomedical Informatics, ASU College of Health Solutions, Ojinnaka's research focuses on identifying the associations between individual and population-level social determinants of health, and disparities in health outcomes and health care utilization. Her research leverages databases such as cancer registry and public-assistance program data, to identify factors that affect health outcomes and disparities. – VIDEO 

Career Opportunities in Industry – John Mitchell, Director of Corporate Engagement, Arizona State University  - VIDEO

Launching your career in industry – Chelsey Jonson, Career & Industry Specialist at ASU Career and Professional Development Services, will focus on the details of securing a job in industry, including where to look for jobs, developing a Resume and what an academic should expect in the industry recruitment process.    VIDEO

Postdoc to Academia - Applying and interview experiences – Megan Behringer and Hope Lancaster are current ASU Postdocs who have secured faculty positions for Fall 2020. They will share their experiences and strategies in applying, interviewing and negotiating a tenure track faculty position.   (Video not available)

Negotiating an Offer – Heather Bean, ASU Professor in the School of Life Sciences, shares her experience and perspectives about how a new tenure-track professor should approach negotiating their first academic job. Topics that will be covered include startup funding, class load and requirements for tenure. – VIDEO

Balancing academia and a startup – Zak Holman, ASU Professor and Co-founder of Swift Coat, and Visar Berisha, ASU Professor and Co-founder of Aural Analytics will talk about how they balance research, teaching and business as they share their experiences as professors and co-founders of startup companies.   VIDEO 

Spin it out - Funding your research through a startup – Zak Holman will share details about the National Science Foundation Innovation-Corps program, which allows researchers to unlock over $1M in NSF funding to transfer research into a startup venture.  

Aligning your core values with your prospective organization – Mai Trinh, ASU Assistant Professor of Leadership and Integrative Studies, will discuss how to strategically identify their core values (knowledge, skills and abilities), seek out and align their values with those of their prospective organizations, and proactively manage their career.     VIDEO 

Managing your international visa – Chung-Ning Gonzalez, Associate Director of the ASU International Students and Scholars Center, will talk about the J-1 visa program, renewals, H-1B visas in industry, and how international scholars should navigate the hiring process. 

Postdoc to ASU Research Professor – Greer Dolby, ASU Assistant Research Professor, Jesse Senko, ASU Assistant Research Professor, and Jiseon Yang, Assistant Research Professor, will discuss how they successfully transitioned from ASU Postdoc to ASU Professor. They will share their grant-writing strategy and how they navigated the pathway that allowed them to continue their careers at ASU. - VIDEO

Postdoc to Industry – Hanin Bearat, Sr. Product Engineer at Medtronic, Olu Ogunro, Process Engineer at Intel, and Barnaby Levin, Applications Scientist at Direct Electron, will talk about their transition from academia to corporate research. They will talk about the recruiting process, how to get noticed and hired, and the benefits of working in industry.    VIDEO

Exploring Careers in Intellectual Property – Michael Lee serves as Commercialization Analyst for SkySong Innovations, ASU’s intellectual property and patent office. Michael will share his thoughts on the opportunities for PhDs to work in patenting and IP at ASU and beyond.   VIDEO