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Format Checklist

Use this checklist for general guidance on the formatting of your thesis, dissertation or equivalent.

For comprehesive list of format requirements consult the ASU Graduate College Format Manual. And make sure to use the Format Wizard tool, which will take care of a significant portion of the formatting for you.


Download the Format Checklist


Document Sequence

*Optional sections

  1. Title Page
  2. Copyright*
  3. Abstract
  4. Dedication*
  5. Acknowledgements
  6. Table of Contents
  7. List of Tables
  8. List of Figures
  9. Other lists*
  10. Preface*
  11. Main Text
  12. Notes*
  13. References
  14. Appendix*
  15. Biographical Sketch*

Sequence Checklist


  • 1.25 inch margins on the left/right
  • 1 inch margins at the top/bottom


  • Same font size/type throughout
  • Endnotes/footnotes can be smaller
  • Review the format manual for specific guidance

Title Page

  • Structure should match the sample on page 5 of the format manual


  • Begins on page i
  • Cannot exceed 350 words
  • Acronyms/abbreviations written out fully


  • Cannot exceed 3 pages total
  • Double spaced, text may be centered
  • Dedication title not required

Table of Contents

  • CHAPTER and Page headers at the top of all pages
  • Chapter titles in ALL CAPS
  • Subheadings are indented and title case
  • Double spaced text
  • Each title/subheading followed by leader dots and a page number
  • No bold, italics, or underline
  • Include APPENDIX subheading above appendix titles listed by letter/roman numeral and in ALL CAPS


  • Preliminary pages, references and optional sections should have a title that is centered, ALL CAPS, and touches the 1 inch margin at the top of the page
  • Lowercase roman numerals used for preliminary pages (Abstract to Lists)
  • Main text begins on page 1
  • Page numbers rest upon 1 inch margin at the bottom of the page

Lists (Tables, Figures, etc.)

  • Include Table/Figure and Page headers on all pages (format manual page 11)
  • No bold, italics, or underlining of text
  • All captions in title case
  • Tables/Figures in main text must fit within the margins; if horizontal, the page number should be on the left side and turned 90° clockwise

References (Comprehensive)

  • Single spaced with a single space between each reference

Appendix (*Optional)

  • Each appendix should have a cover page that is blank except for the title in ALL CAPS designated by letter or roman numeral and a page number
  • If applicable: IRB approval/exemption
  • If applicable: permission for previously published articles

Biographical Sketch (*Optional)

  • One single-space paragraph
  • No bold, italics, or underlining