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Knowledge Mobilization Resources for Educators

Knowledge mobilization and like strategies are core concepts of graduate education at ASU.  Beyond the specifics of our fields and capstone projects, theses or dissertations, the Graduate College values engaging diverse audiences and voices outside of the academy. Below is a sampling of KM resources in education and for educators--from the importance of applying research (and knowledge mobilization strategies) in graduate education and connections between knowledge mobilization and professional development, to resources for educators and students alike to become reflexive practitioners.


Why public scholarship matters for graduate education

Bartha, M. and Burgett, B. 2015. Pedagogy 15(1), pp.31-43.

Drawing on nearly a decade of experience at the University of Washington, the authors argue for a reorientation of graduate curricula and pedagogy through publicly engaged forms of scholarship. Recognizing that the claims mobilized around public scholarship are necessarily local and situational, they suggest that public scholarship is best understood as organizing language that can align and articulate convergent interests rather than standardize or normalize them. This approach to public scholarship cuts against the disciplinary-professional mandates of most graduate curriculum since it requires both diversified forms of professionalization and pragmatic commitments to institutional change.

Knowledge Building International

University of Toronto

Knowledge Building International (KBI) was incorporated July 2012 as a non-for-profit membership-based corporation, with the intention to serve the knowledge building community of innovators and researchers, and dedicated to advancing research, practice, and public awareness of knowledge building.


Connecting public scholarship and professional development

Inside Higher Ed

Joseph Stanhope Cialdella recommends four strategies for expanding how to think about such scholarship in ways that help build skills and knowledge that are relevant for diverse career paths.


Mindfulness among graduate students

Inside Higher Ed

A study from the Journal of American College Health shows significant mental health benefits among doctoral candidates practicing mindfulness.


Stand-up as prep for public speaking

Chronicle of Higher Education

Learn more about a group of researchers at MIT using stand up as a strategy to teach graduate students natural public speaking skills.