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Knowledge Mobilization

In today's knowledge-driven world, it is critical that researchers and scholars make their work usable and accessible beyond their traditional disciplines. Knowledge mobilization helps accomplish this by capturing the concepts and practices that optimize the knowledge and creativity produced in an educational setting and making academic research relevant to the public it serves—enriching the sciences, arts, industry and cultural discourse in the process.

Knowledge Mobilization Studio

The Knowledge Mobilization Studio is a one-credit course that offers scholars at all stages in their academic program an opportunity to work in a supportive and collaborative learning environment. During the course, they learn to use a knowledge mobilization framework that makes their research more accessible to end users and promotes the application of their work.

Knowledge Mobilization Impact Awards

The Graduate College's Knowledge Mobilization Impact Awards recognize the scholarly achievement and impact of Arizona State University's graduate students and postdoctoral scholars. The awards provide opportunity to collectively acknowledge the contributions to Knowledge Mobilization and society made by our researchers.

"Knowledge mobilization enables us to draw connections between our disciplinary research and societal change. By emphasizing outcomes and impact-based research in the service of solving real-world problems, we enhance the use of research knowledge for the public good."

— Alfredo Artiles, Dean, Graduate College

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Knowledge Mobilization Impact Awards
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How will your research change the world?

Utilizing knowledge mobilization (KM) frameworks, ASU faculty and students pursue their passions, creativity, and curiosity to conduct research and make the unknown known. Read about first-hand accounts related to the knowledge mobilization initiatives at ASU, then share what you're doing.

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