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Training and Orientation

Graduate Assistant Training

Graduate Assistant (TA/RA) Training provides valuable information and resources and is required for all new graduate TAs and RAs. Returning teaching and research assistants should visit their training portal to complete any new ASU training requirements. 

The trainings are a combination of ASU required trainings as well as Graduate College trainings. Failure to complete the required trainings could result in the termination of your graduate assistantship.


Please plan to attend your unit's orientation and other university orientations that may be required. The specific details should be provided in your appointment letter. 

New TAs are also required to attend TA Orientation where they will learn about the various expectations of their new role and resources to get a strong start to the semester. 


Before undertaking your responsibilities, you are required to complete online pre-service training.  This is a requirement for all new graduate TAs and RAs within the first week of your appointment, ideally prior to their first day in the classroom or lab.  These trainings are important for anyone serving in a classroom, lab, or student-facing capacity.