Environmental physiologist investigates how bees function and their role in our ecosystem

Bees have a crucial role in pollination, which helps in producing food for humans and animals alike. In part two of our interview series, we talk to environmental physiologist Jon Harrison about bees and their role in agriculture and food.

Behavioral neuroscientist examines the intersection between bees and food production

We talk to behavioral neuroscientist Brian Smith, in part one of a two-part interview about bees and their role in agriculture and food.

Tend to what you wish to grow: Gardening 101 with the Graduate College’s Dean’s Fellow

In this conversation, Dean Wentz sits down with ASU professor Gyan Nyaupane, a Faculty Fellow at the Graduate College for the academic year 2023-24. Nyaupane discusses his work at ASU, food and culture in his home country, and how he tends his garden!

Meet our panelists: Profiling the experts in humanitarianism, sustainability and food access

The Graduate College Distinguished Lecture is around the corner! Get to know our moderator and three guest panelists who will bring their passionate expertise to this compelling talk.

Postdoc Profile: Liliana Caughman

Meet the School of Life Sciences’ Senior Global Futures Scholar, Dr. Lilana Caughman who researches how processes relate to outcomes, specifically in collaborative and community-based urban transformation and climate justice initiatives.