Mechanical engineering student imagines 3D printing as a key to sustainability

Introducing Amal Rai, a student worker for the Format and Curriculum team at the Graduate College! In this conversation, he discusses the importance of organization as a student, setting achievable goals and how he unwinds during the semester!

Enrichment fellow works on creating sound public policy through economics

Andalib Mushtari has always been interested in building and implementing effective public policy. In this conversation, he talks about what graduate education has taught him, the importance of being a dynamic economist and how he relaxes before a new week of study.

Hispanic Heritage Month Student Spotlight – Daniel Jose Sanchez

In this conversation, Daniel Jose Sanchez talks about human development research, the importance of exploring new opportunities and ways to de-stress as a master’s student.

A history on master’s degrees and what it means for you

The rest is history? Well, not quite! In this month’s message, Dean Libby Wentz covers the history of graduate education – and sheds light on what it means for you in 2023. Also, you’ll get a glimpse of a picture made of many pieces, that is quite beautiful when it’s complete!

Five spring grads received the Master's With Distinction Medallion

The Graduate College proudly celebrates the class of 2023! 🎓 These grad profiles highlight students who received a Master's With Distinction Medallion for graduating with a cumulative 4.0 GPA. Read more about these exceptional grads and their contributions to the ASU community.

As my friend says: you matter more than you think

In this month’s message, Dean Libby Wentz discusses the impact of small actions on social change – and her hopes for you during the next chapter of your life! 🎓

Was my master’s degree worth it?

Was getting my master’s degree worth it?