Building Networked Communities Summer Series gives support staff new tools for student retention and recruitment

Watch the recent Building Networked Communities Summer Series webinars, designed to provide ASU support staff, program chairs and directors with important updates and useful tips!

Grad15: Business plans for student entrepreneurs

Through the months of June and July, Grad15 will be examining professional and career development opportunities for graduate students. This week, Wiley Larsen, program manager for the Graduate College's Office of Postdoctoral Affairs, introduced a four-step model for student entrepreneurs interested in marketing their research outside academia.

Grad15: Five prestigious fellowships for graduate students

In this week's Grad15, Joshua Brooks, manager of the Graduate College's Distinguished Graduate Fellowships Office, shared information on five of the most prestigious fellowships available to ASU graduate students.

What is a distinguished award?

A distinguished award acts as an academic credential — an indicator of future success and mark of exceptional scholarship — that will follow a scholar throughout their academic career. 

Learn how to start your own successful business

ASU Graduate College announces summer entrepreneurship seminar series

Grad15: How to take advantage of virtual conferences and events

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the way we learn and explore professional development opportunities has radically shifted.  In this week’s episode of Grad15, the Graduate College’s Amanda Athey, shares essential tips for graduate students attending online conferences for the first time.

Graduate College launches Grad15 Mini-webinar series and the GradConnect Community

Grad15 Weekly Mini-webinar Series

Grad15 is a new weekly mini-webinar series tailored to address topics and challenges faced by graduate students in a timely manner.

Introducing Grad15 webinar series

The Graduate College is hosting weekly webinar series via Zoom, to support graduate students through the unusual challenges posed by the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

The new Grad15 series is topic-focused to provide helpful advice for graduate students and each 15-minute session includes a question/answer section.