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Three graduate students from Arizona State University’s T. Denny Sanford School of Social and Family Dynamics have been selected as finalists for the Infant Development Prize from the Diane & Bruce Halle Foundation for their projects that will aid in the development of young children. The three students represent two sets of finalists: A team consisting of family and human... Read more

As human beings, what drives us to higher levels of existence? Once we have satisfied the basics — food, shelter, a mate, children — then what? For many it’s the idea of self-actualization, or realizing our full potential. But what does self-actualization look like? How do we know when we are doing it? When are we trying to realize our... Read more

In the Hindu Kush Himalaya region, an area that extends 3,500 kilometers across eight nations including Nepal and India, approximately 210 million smallholder farmers engage in a practice known as rain-fed agriculture. However, 80 percent of the annual rainfall in the area occurs during the annual four-month monsoon, so costly infrastructure is required to transport water from distant sources during... Read more

Brian H. Smith, an accomplished researcher in behavioral neuroscience and professor at the School of Life Sciences, has been named associate dean of graduate initiatives in the Graduate College at Arizona State University. In his new position, Smith will lead international initiatives at the Graduate College to enhance ASU’s global presence. “Dr. Smith clearly has the skills necessary to deepen... Read more

Tamara Underiner, a scholar of theater and performance studies and associate dean for research for the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts, has been named associate dean of academic affairs in the Graduate College at Arizona State University. In this position, Underiner will serve as the main point of contact for graduate academic integrity, program quality, and oversight of... Read more

Arizona State University’s Master of Urban and Environmental Planning program, in the School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning, is gaining in national recognition. Planetizen — an online network and news outlet for the planning, design, and development community — has released its annual ranking for graduate urban planning programs across the United States. The Master of Urban and Environmental... Read more

As of July 1, 2017, manufacturers must phase out plastic microbeads from personal-care products sold in the United States. What are microbeads? How do they affect our planet? ASU Now spoke with Charlie Rolsky, an ASU School of Life Sciences doctoral student studying microplastics, to learn more. Question: What are microbeads? Answer: Microbeads are small, round plastics with a range... Read more

Think your tech is cool? Wait until you see what Umit Ogras is working on. “If we accomplish this, smartphones and tablets will have a new form,” said the electrical engineer at Arizona State University. “You don’t always carry your phone. You always wear a shirt.” Umit Ogras Flexible hybrid electronics can be bent or stretched. Picture pulling a wand... Read more

Any writer will tell you their craft is a mostly solitary one, requiring hours of time spent alone on reflection, execution and revision before a story finally emerges. But when your job is to share accounts of human life in the hopes of enriching others, a good understanding of people is clutch. The people who founded ASU’s creative writing master’s... Read more

In “The Art of War,” famed Chinese general Sun Tzu advised, “if you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.” Along with five other universities, researchers from Arizona State University are bringing this age-old concept to digital battlefields to combat advanced persistent cyber threats and other forms of cyber malfeasance. The... Read more

The lazy days of summer are anything but for the AZLoop team. With the Aug. 27 SpaceX competition fast approaching, the team has been busy building propulsion and braking systems, as well as the form needed to mold the pod that will run during the August event. The goal: creating a working prototype of a new form of proposed mass... Read more

The term “global security” can be vague, encompassing any number of issues, from climate change to autonomous weapons systems to food insecurity. For those in positions that require a firm grasp of the subject — be they members of the military, government officials or humanitarian workers — getting a handle on it is no small task, especially when they’re on... Read more

Editor's note: Lluis Algue Sala is a doctoral student at the School of International Letters and Cultures at Arizona State University. In between his studies, Sala travels, biking across countries and continents. He believes in connecting with locals, enriching himself through authentic experiences. While he "bikepacks" independently of his linguistic work, Sala enjoys observing the way people interact and overlap... Read more

Arizona State University student Zade Shakir is on a roll. Two weeks ago he reported to work in Oakland as an intern for the Golden State Warriors. Last week they took the NBA championship title away from LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. “First week on the job and we’re the champs,” Shakir said. “What a job!” A former collegiate... Read more

Arizona State University, twice named the most innovative school in the nation by US News and World Report, in collaboration with the city of Phoenix, named the Top Performing City overall by Governing and Living Cities, announce a call for innovators and entrepreneurs to participate in the RISN Incubator , a diverse solutions business development and accelerator program. Selected ventures... Read more

Doctoral student Ashley Wheeler believes in the importance of protecting cultural world heritage. This summer Wheeler is part of an international team that will study and help create new doctrines that guide worldwide heritage management practices. Wheeler, a doctoral student in the Hugh Downs School of Human Communication, is one of thirteen graduate students and young professionals from all over... Read more

In the study of government, tracking corruption in political systems is important. Changing patterns in corruption allow for researchers to better understand the shifting social, economic, and political dynamics at play within a country or region. Arizona State University graduate student Jennifer Kartner's research on the corruption in democracies has earned her recognition in the Institute for Social Science Research's... Read more

While millions of travelers will frolic on the beach during their summer vacations, most are blissfully unaware of the billions of microscopic plants making ocean life — and our lives — possible. These microscopic creatures, known as phytoplankton, not only help support the ocean’s food chain, but also act as a vital carbon sink to buffer the ocean during eras... Read more

Cocaine trafficking in Central America, a long-known and often discussed topic, is having a surprising impact — shrinking tropical forests. A recent study, published in the journal Environmental Letters, estimates that up to 30 percent of the region’s tropical forest has been cut down and cleared out over the past 10 years as a by-product of the drug trade. “Drug... Read more

Elena Steiner has always wanted to travel beyond U.S. borders to see what intercultural educators, trainers, and researchers are doing and talking about in the “rest of the world." Steiner, a doctoral student in the Hugh Downs School of Human Communication, will be traveling this summer through Europe and the Far East conducting international research she believes could be incorporated... Read more

Getting your MBA at Arizona State University just got more accessible. If you can’t avoid missing class, new robots will allow students to attend remotely. Already the highest-ranked part-time MBA in the state, the W. P. Carey School of Business' Professional Flex MBA is committed to supporting student success by offering the latest in innovative technology for today’s working professional... Read more

The word “justice” evokes thoughts of courtrooms, police officers, lawyers and judges for most people. But Arizona State University student Alexa Kirkpatrick thinks of justice more often in terms of food. “I’ve always been really interested in the culture of food. I think it’s a very fascinating and a very relevant subject that affects everyone,” she said. “Aside from the... Read more

Arizona State University alumnus Thom Brooks has garnered international acclaim for his work on ethics, public policy, law and politics. As an award-winning author, broadcaster and columnist, he focuses his research on immigration rights from firsthand experience. “I want to improve the British immigration system; make it not only fit for purpose, but show the importance of allowing immigrant voices... Read more

Slow and steady wins the race. While that may have been true in one of Aesop’s classic fables, the Mojave Desert tortoise may need to adapt more quickly than it has in decades past. The species is facing serious threats to its survival, from invasive plants to man-made changes in the landscape. But researchers from Arizona State University’s School of... Read more

They have what most would want — affluent upwardly mobile parents, living in comfortable homes in the suburbs, going to an elite high school and being groomed for the nation’s best colleges. And they appear to thrive in this setting — popular among their peers, performing exceedingly well in school, highly regarded by peers and teachers, and accomplished at a... Read more

After years of helping create educational content for younger audiences, Karla Moeller has published her first children’s book: “Joryn Looked Up.” Moeller, a post-doctoral scholar at Arizona State University's Center for Evolution and Medicine, first wrote for children in 2010 as a volunteer for Ask a Biologist . She was asked by Charles Kazilek, ASU’s Chief Technology Innovation Officer and... Read more

It looks like the beginning of a Star Wars movie: a lone robot pushing itself across the sand with a pair of orange flippers toward lumpy red buttes in the distance. Look closer at it. The leading edge is curved upward like a turtle’s bottom shell, so it doesn’t dig into the ground. The flippers are curved, also like a... Read more

Phoenix Comicon will celebrate all things geek this weekend, including science fiction, comic books, superheroes, cosplay and fantasy. Several Arizona State University experts will be part of the four-day event, a pop-culture gathering that will be held at the Phoenix Convention Center on Thursday through Sunday. Besides the celebrity autograph sessions, costume workshops and gaming seminars, there are several panel... Read more

The way Alberto Rios tells it, it’s like it was fated to happen: He was going to lead a public art project to celebrate South Phoenix, but he didn’t know how until “it occurred to me that we could play the street.” The idea that turned into the performance event “Story Days: Music in the Landscape” came together after a... Read more

The U.S.-Pakistan Centers for Advanced Studies in Energy (USPCAS-E) held a workshop in Islamabad, Pakistan this spring with the hopes of improving gender equity for women in science, technology, engineering and math fields. The three-day workshop was helmed by Professor Chad Haines of Arizona State University, who specializes in cultural anthropology and topics related to the contemporary Muslim world. The... Read more

As an electrical engineer, Associate Professor Jennifer Blain Christen has spent a good portion of her career dabbling in different fields. Her enthusiasm for exploring new and different ways of applying electrical engineering earned her the funding to leverage her expertise to create an innovative new diagnostic tool. The project aims to develop a disposable, point-of-care biosensor for rapid diagnosis... Read more

A new class of Arizona State University graduates are looking to join the workforce or continue school. Alisa Turkina, however, has two years before that stage. Not for lack of options, but for the opportunity to live and teach in Kosovo as Peace Corps volunteer. “My interest has always been very cross-disciplinary and interdisciplinary, which is part of the reason... Read more

Understanding current and future security challenges requires a holistic, multi-faceted approach linking a variety of areas of expertise connected to practical examples and case studies. Arizona State University looks to achieve this through their new interdisciplinary online master’s program in global security . With the support from the Center on the Future of War , the School of Politics and... Read more

Ranging from diverse areas such as cancer research to energy storage, Arizona State University's School of Molecular Sciences graduate students’ research efforts have been rewarded with top recognition. Anna Beiler (pictured below), has won a College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS) Graduate Excellence Award. Beiler, whowho works in Professor Gary Moore’s lab, conducts use-inspired research to design new methods... Read more

Editor’s note: This is part of a series of profiles for spring 2017 commencement. See more graduates here . The signs were always there for Melissa Munguia. A job as a certified nursing assistant dealing with life and death issues at an assisted living home. Search and rescue missions as a member of the Texas State Guard. And then, as... Read more

Editor’s note: This is part of a series of profiles for spring 2017 commencement. See more graduates here . Erika Moore graduates with her MFA in dance this week. And she has no intention of slowing down after the ceremony. “I am an artist, arts administrator, arts advocate and arts entrepreneur,” Moore said. “My plans are to continue to make... Read more

Editor’s note: This is part of a series of profiles for spring 2017 commencement. See more graduates here . Ryan Downey is not only a native Arizonan, from Mesa, he’s also a fourth-generation ASU student: His great grandmother attended the university when it was still known as Tempe Normal School. Downey knew from an early age that he wanted to... Read more

Editor’s note: This is part of a series of profiles for spring 2017 commencement. See more graduates here . Catherine Moutray’s journey as a graduate student at the School of Social Work Tucson campus almost ended soon after it began. A couple of weeks into classes, the spring 2017 outstanding graduate was in a car crash that left her severely... Read more

Editor’s note: This is part of a series of profiles for spring 2017 commencement. See more graduates here . On May 10, nearly 300 students of the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law at Arizona State University will receive their hard-earned law degrees. Many from the Class of 2017 came to study at ASU Law with the hopes of making... Read more

As a way to highlight student achievement and inspire future outreach, Arizona State University's ASASU Council of Presidents sponsored the first-ever Students Shine contest this spring. The student-run competition honored six areas of excellence — career, culture, engagement, service, spirit/affinity and wellness. Finalists were chosen for each category in late April, and an overall top three were announced on Friday,... Read more

Arizona State University’s graduation ceremonies coincide with a weeklong celebration of one of Arizona’s biggest industries: tourism. National Travel and Tourism Week runs May 7 to 13, highlighting both the people that power this sector and the personal well-being gained through travel. This semester, two ASU master’s students and 82 undergraduates will be entering the tourism workforce. Travel and tourism... Read more

The United States is home to more than 320 million people from dozens of countries and ancestries, in addition to Native American peoples. Arab countries make up 22 nations in the Middle East and North Africa where Islam and the Arabic language are dominant factors — more than 300 million people, a quarter of all Muslims. Despite their diversity and... Read more

A group of 27 Pakistani engineering scholars from the U.S.-Pakistan Centers for Advanced Energy, better known as USPCAS-E, set off on an adventure over spring break, learning what nature can engineer, what people can engineer and the power their imagination has to inspire innovation. An $18 million United States Agency for International Development grant supports the project with Arizona State... Read more

After four years, $80,000 and innumerable obstacles, a team of ASU engineering students has completed a mobile dental clinic to dispatch to developing nations. The team, Engineering Smiles , gained momentum from the Engineering Projects in Community Service program , which puts students together with nonprofits, community groups and governmental agencies to help solve problems and develop professional skills. “Getting... Read more

The School of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences recently hosted its annual Scholarship and Awards Ceremony celebrating outstanding students, faculty and staff at the Sun Devil Welcome Center auditorium on Arizona State University’s Tempe campus. Eight graduate students received awards, and 19 undergraduates earned scholarships or awards in recognition of their outstanding achievements. This year’s event welcomed one new award for... Read more

Editor’s note: This is part of a series of profiles for spring 2017 commencement. See more graduates here . Graduating Arizona State University master’s student Rachel Dallmann has always found joy in helping others. She is especially gratified when she finds a way to connect, to communicate across real or perceived barriers. “Ever since I was little, I've had an... Read more

Editor’s note: This is part of a series of profiles for spring 2017 commencement. See more graduates here . Graduating Arizona State University student Alice Hays thinks literature can change lives. Specifically, the Mesa, Arizona resident believes that young adult literature — termed “YA lit” — has uses beyond just book reports. Hays structured her doctoral research around the argument... Read more

Six School of Music students in Arizona State University's Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts are finding success by coming together as the Eos Sextet. The group was selected to compete in the semi-finals in the M-Prize Senior Winds Competition and the Fischoff National Chamber Music Competition , both top chamber music competitions in the world, according to Heather... Read more

Editor’s note: This is part of a series of profiles for spring 2017 commencement. See more graduates here . When Travis Bradley chose to attend graduate school at ASU three years ago, it was a big decision. “I left a career in the demolition industry as the branch manager for the Washington, D.C. area — an office I opened from... Read more

Editor’s note: This is part of a series of profiles for spring 2017 commencement. See more graduates here . A former government contractor, Sarah Jackson Young is earning a Ph.D. in English (Writing, Rhetorics and Literacies) from Arizona State University this spring. The Kansas City native combines her experience as an investigator with a love of rhetorical analysis to inform... Read more

Approximately 14,000 students will be headed out into the world after graduating from Arizona State University at spring commencement May 8. Here's a look at some of those exceptional grads. Journalism teaches Cronkite student many lessons In her eight semesters at ASU, Cronkite student Katie Bieri has completed seven news internships in New Mexico, Texas, Arizona and New York. She... Read more

Editor’s note: This is part of a series of profiles for spring 2017 commencement. See more graduates here . In a world often divided by ideological and cultural differences, social media has the ability to bring people together regardless of geographic location. “Social media knows few borders,” said Jeremy Quist, a May 2017 graduate of the School for the Future... Read more

Editor’s note: This is part of a series of profiles for spring 2017 commencement. See more graduates here . It’s often a course, research experience or personal experience that drives students into one field or another. But for Jorge Ramos- Holguín , a recent graduate of Arizona State University’s Environmental Life Sciences PhD program, his interest in the environment started... Read more

Editor’s note: This is part of a series of profiles for spring 2017 commencement. See more graduates here . As an aspiring ecologist, Eric Moody decided the most interesting place to study freshwater fish was in the desert, where water is particularly scarce. That scenario, along with faculty members who are experts in the field of desert ecology, drew him... Read more

Editor’s note: This is part of a series of profiles for spring 2017 commencement. See more graduates here . Jennifer Kahn is graduating from Arizona State University this May with a degree in political science as part of ASU’s 4+1 program , an accelerated bachelor’s and master’s major track. Before beginning her graduate studies, Kahn took part in the Arizona... Read more

Studying the culture of any country can occupy someone’s interest for years. At Arizona State University's School of International Letters and Cultures, award-winning Professor Will Hedberg remains captivated by two. “My focus is the literature and culture of early-modern Japan,” Hedberg explained, “But I also have a background in Chinese studies, so my primary focus is the Japanese translation of... Read more

Thunderbird School of Global Management’s Online Master of Global Management program ranks No. 6 in the world in the 2017 QS Distance Online MBA Ranking released Wednesday — and No. 3 in the world for recruiter reputation. QS is the leading global career and education network “for ambitious professionals.” Thunderbird, a unit of the Arizona State University Knowledge Enterprise, offers... Read more

At Arizona State University's School of International Letters and Cultures , teaching language helps prepare students for a globalized world. For Professor Sara Lee , it also lets her help students overcome dyslexia. “I see myself as a dyslexia specialist when it comes to teaching foreign language, especially German,” Lee said. According to the Dyslexia Center of Utah, in the... Read more

When Gerald Farin worked with colleagues to establish the Partnership for Research in Spatial Modeling (PRISM) center at Arizona State University, he showed how design and the arts at ASU, as well as other disciplines, could benefit from geometric modeling. This Friday, more than two decades later, a new visualization and prototyping lab at the School of Art’s Grant Street... Read more

In an effort to get young kids excited about the field of archaeology, Arizona State University held its first-ever mock excavation exercise Monday on the front lawn of the School of Human Evolution and Social Change building on the Tempe campus. Preschoolers from ASU’s Child Development Laboratory had the chance to feel different types of animal bones and listen to... Read more

Could we help save the Earth by making everyday consumables more beautiful? An Arizona State University team’s study found that people used a lot fewer paper products when the items were more aesthetically pleasing. That could have big implications for huge restaurant chains that use plain brown napkins, the researchers said. Freeman Wu, a doctoral student in marketing in the... Read more

ASU School of Music Professor Roger Mantie The future of classical music is anyone’s guess, but Arizona State University professor Roger Mantie invites us to consider a world without it. “Imagine movies or video games without their classical music backgrounds,” Mantie said. “Star Wars without the John Williams soundtrack? Unthinkable!” ASU plays host to around 700 classical recitals in its... Read more

When pilots need to send or receive radio communications and radar information, they expect those signals to be clear and recognizable. The same is true for many aircraft and ground vehicle operators who rely on electromagnetic signals. Antennas and electromagnetic-based signal transmission, however, can encounter problems when the radiating elements, or antennas, are mounted on metallic surfaces — which are... Read more

An ASU-led project that makes it easier for humans and robots to communicate is among the contenders for a spot in an international competition widely considered as the “Olympics of Technology.” Three doctoral candidates in computer science at Arizona State University’s Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering constitute Æffective Robotics , one of 12 teams that will compete next week... Read more

Eighteen short dance films will be featured at the fourth annual Dance Shorts: College Film Festival this Friday, April 14 at Sun Studios of Arizona. “The festival provides an opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students all over the country to share their short dance films,” said Sharon McCaman, artistic director for the festival and a graduate student in the School... Read more

Improving the energy grid in Pakistan is, without exception, the priority for a cohort of Pakistani graduate scholars studying engineering at Arizona State University this semester. Participants in the U.S.–Pakistan Centers for Advanced Studies In Energy program, the students recently demonstrated renewable energy concepts during ASU’s Night of the Open Door — an event during which Phoenix-area residents visit campus,... Read more

Arizona State University archaeology student Claudine Gravel-Miguel went into her field of study 10 years ago simply for love of travel. Now, after falling in love with the science as well, her research has taken her to the Caverna delle Arene Candide in Italy, where she made a surprising discovery that is changing the way scientists look at human culture... Read more

Editor's note: Read an overview about the symposium here . The morning before the national title tilt between North Carolina and Gonzaga, during Final Four weekend, Arizona State University’s “Full Court Press” symposium hosted nearly a dozen of the nation’s top collegiate athletic minds. Organized by the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law’s Sports Law & Business Program , “Full... Read more

Arizona State University's School of Music welcomes Dwandalyn Reece, curator of music and performing arts at the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of African American History and Culture, for a weeklong residency April 10–14. During her time on campus, Reece will present public lectures on her research and curatorial work, offer career development workshops in the public arts and humanities and... Read more

The online “gig economy” would seem to create an ideal work world for freelancers, as employers can choose the best people for a project from a global pool and workers can bid on jobs in any country. But does the internet really make a true meritocracy? A new paper by an Arizona State University professor finds that some biases still... Read more

For the first time, Arizona will be hosting the nationally recognized Astrobiology Science Conference (AbSciCon), bringing together scientists from across the country to report on new discoveries and to share insights in the search for life on other planets. “We're excited that the search for signs of life in the universe is increasingly geared towards exoplanets, which is a central... Read more

There are common phrases students hear throughout public relations careers. Aside from stressing the importance of accuracy and integrity, students are encouraged to secure internships, network with practitioners and build their portfolio. Each element works together to jumpstart their career even before they walk across the commencement stage. The Public Relations Lab at the Arizona State University's Walter Cronkite School... Read more

Aerospace transportation and manufacturing firm SpaceX has selected an ASU-led team to advance in its worldwide Hyperloop competition, which aims to create a futuristic, regional transit system that hits speeds of up to 750 mph. The SpaceX challenge invites college students to design and build transportation pods that zip through a tube-based track. Eventually, it could result in a travel... Read more

“Who’s a good dog? You are, aren’t you? Yes, you’re the best dog that ever was.” But is he really a good dog? Can you really tell when you’re doing a meet-and-greet in the shelter? Is that how he’s going to be when you take him home? Are you getting Lassie or the Hound of the Baskervilles? These were the... Read more

Evolution and religion often evoke strong emotional responses that can seem undeniably incompatible. Yet, researchers at Arizona State University have discovered that using a short, evolution teaching module focused on the perceived conflict between religion and evolution actually reduced the number of students with this perception by 50 percent — a big success considering about half of all undergraduate students... Read more

Arizona State University biomedical engineering graduate student Aldin Malkoc was awarded the 2017 Young Chemist Award by Metrohm USA at the Pittcon Conference and Expo in Chicago on March 7 and received a $10,000 award. Malkoc is working on cooperative DNA-based molecular elements for electrochemical biosensors. His research is looking to improve on the specificity and sensitivity of DNA detection,... Read more

Two of the largest graduate schools at Arizona State University jumped significantly in the latest rankings from U.S. News & World Report, with two business programs ranked among the best in the country. The Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College ranked No. 11 out of 256 schools evaluated by U.S. News , climbing three spots from last year. The college's graduate... Read more

A breakthrough is on the horizon for doctoral students and the dissertation process at Arizona State University. Digital portfolios, introduced in 2013 and accessed through MyASU by more than 59,000 ASU students, now offer innovative opportunities tailored for PhD students and their advisors. During the course of obtaining their degree, doctoral candidates typically meet with their committee and mentors through... Read more

The stomach of a house finch might hold secrets to how humans absorb nutrients, age and deal with the omniprescence of nighttime light pollution. Pierce Hutton, doctoral candidate in Arizona State University’s School of Life Sciences, is studying the gut microbiome — the cocktail of microbes in the stomach that help digest food and promote health — of house finches... Read more

Controlled capture and release of carbon dioxide emitted from power plants represents a potential method for reducing the buildup of this greenhouse gas in the atmosphere. Existing chemical methods for doing so, however, consume large amounts of energy and are not technologically viable. In a recent perspective article in the journal American Chemical Society Energy Letters, Arizona State University professor... Read more

Miles Brundage had just defended his dissertation proposal when he was offered a fellowship position at Oxford University’s Future of Humanity Institute . Brundage, 29, now balances his role as an artificial intelligence policy research fellow at Oxford with his role as a PhD candidate as he prepares to graduate next fall from ASU’s Human and Social Dimensions of Science... Read more

Cecil Patterson is used to being a trailblazer: He was the first black judge appointed to the Maricopa County Superior Court, the first black lawyer in the Arizona Attorney General’s Office and the state’s first black appeals court judge. What the 1971 ASU Law grad isn’t used to is tooting his own horn. So he’s got a bit of a... Read more

Academic scholars from prestigious universities, a former senator and a political analyst, among others, will discuss leadership and politics after election 2016 for the launch of Arizona State University’s new school. On Friday, March 3, the School of Civic and Economic Thought and Leadership will host a public colloquium, “Leadership and Politics in America After Election 2016,” to mark its... Read more

A large group of students at Arizona State University has been spending every Friday night trying to figure out how to get to from Phoenix to San Diego — in about half an hour. Through a SpaceX competition, they’re working on a new form of proposed mass transit called “Hyperloop” that promises to hit speeds of up to 750 mph... Read more

Some pairs are better together than their individual counterparts: peanut butter and chocolate, warm weather and ice cream, and now, in the realm of photovoltaic technology, silicon and perovskite. As existing solar-energy technologies near their theoretical efficiency limits, researchers are exploring new methods to improve performance — such as stacking two photovoltaic materials in a tandem cell. Collaboration between researchers... Read more

The ASU Concert Band and the Harmony Project Phoenix are joining forces to present a free concert at 7:30 p.m. Feb. 28 in the Evelyn Smith Music Theatre on ASU’s Tempe campus. The concert features world premieres of commissioned works for Harmony Project Phoenix soloists, all of whom are primary or secondary school students. Music composition majors in the ASU... Read more

ASU Physics Professor Robert Nemanich doesn’t have 99 bottles of beer on the wall; he has 75 bottles of champagne on the top of his desk. It’s a tradition that comes from commencement whenever one of his graduate students gets their degree. So far he has seen 53 students receive their PhDs and 22 obtain their masters under his tutelage... Read more

Big cities with lots of people usually garner images of a fast-paced life, where the hustle and bustle of the city is met, and at least tolerated, by those who live there. They live for the “rush” of city life, and all of the competition that lies therein. But a new study by Arizona State University shows the opposite may... Read more

An award-winning professor in counseling and psychology, an international expert in linguistics, and a renowned authority in geographical sciences and urban planning have been named the Outstanding Doctoral Mentors of 2016-2017 by Arizona State University Graduate College. Terence Tracey, Elly van Gelderen and Elizabeth Wentz have been lauded for their generous commitment to their students’ success while maintaining daunting speaking... Read more

There’s an entire world of microbes invisible to the human eye. Countless microbial communities live everywhere from in the soil to human skin to the stomachs of animals. Surprisingly, despite the fact that they influence everything from climate to human health, scientists don’t fully understand their impact. Yet understanding what role these microbes play is important enough for the White... Read more

Searching for new ideas and unique experiences with the family in 2017? Does your New Year’s resolution include medieval knights and chain mail, international culture, new-age cars, space exploration or Teotihuacan pyramids? What about discovering the newest career fields or meeting the brainiacs heading labs at the No. 1 most innovative university in the country? Arizona State University hosts the... Read more

Jeffrey M. Cunningham, the former publisher of Forbes magazine and board director of numerous Fortune 500 companies, has joined the faculty at Thunderbird School of Global Management as a professor of practice in global leadership. Thunderbird is a unit of the Arizona State University Knowledge Enterprise. Cunningham brings a wealth of both academic and professional experience at the highest levels... Read more

The green energy story tends to be rosy: Costa Rica runs entirely on renewables! Portugal runs on wind for four days! Germany comes within 90 percent of its energy needs on a May day in 2016! Is it all really that rosy? In a post-Paris agreement world, as countries pivot towards sun and wind power, what will the hurdles really... Read more