Student Impact
Cindy Lee Am I a Conditional American?
By Tracy Viselli on May 24, 2021

On February 10, 2021, Cindy Lee, an ASU graduate student in the Master of Liberal Studies program focusing on personal essay and narrative nonfiction writing, published her first essay in Transformations,  a joint project of the ASU Narrative Storytelling Initiative and the Los Angeles...

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Best Practices
By Zachary Reeves-Blurton on May 7, 2021

At Arizona State University, we pride ourselves on being an institution diverse in population and inclusive to all. Our aim is to provide a forum for the intellectual, personal, social and ethical development of our students. 

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By Wiley Larsen on May 6, 2021

Do you have trouble getting motivated to write? Or maybe you’re just so busy in the lab that you feel like you don’t have time? Writing groups can be a great way to get motivated and set aside time for writing!

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By Wiley Larsen on May 5, 2021

Over the past 13 months, I have barely used the words “COVID” or “Pandemic” at the Graduate College.  We’ve held three conferences online, we’ve transitioned our Lunch & Learn program to Zoom, and we even tried to do a virtual happy hour.  My strategy for the pandemic was

By Wiley Larsen on May 5, 2021

The ASU Postdoctoral Career Conference, held on March 25, saw over 100 postdocs in attendance from ASU and University of Arizona. This year marked the third annual conference hosted by the Graduate College's Postdoctoral Affairs Office.  

Postdoctoral Career Conference
Dean's Message
By Elizabeth Wentz on April 26, 2021

Congratulations to all of you for making it through one of the most difficult academic years in the modern era. 

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Student Impact
PhD candidate Joseph Gazing Wolf holding baby owl
By Emily Carman on April 26, 2021

Joseph Gazing Wolf was born in a place known as Garbage City.

Manshiyat Nasser, Egypt is an industrial area just east of Cairo. The people who live there serve as the informal trash collectors of metropolitan Cairo. 

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Professional Development and Events
By Emily Carman on April 23, 2021

Do you want to improve your academic writing and research skills?  Register for a Summer Graduate Writing Camp! 

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Deadlines and Resources
By Steven Yena on April 23, 2021

The Graduate College continues to develop innovative solutions for supplying important data needs.

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Professional Development and Events
By Amanda Athey on April 22, 2021

As a graduate student, you develop important professional skills such as effective communication, project management and creative problem solving. One skill that is not often taught is how to negotiate a salary.

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