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Awards and Funding Opportunities
ASU student views laptop wearing purple face mask
By Emily Carman on August 28, 2020

The Graduate College is pleased to announce and fund the Fall 2020 funding oportunities for graduate students listed below.

Funding for Virtual/Remote Development

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Awards and Funding Opportunities
By Jessica Nooden on August 25, 2020

Each Fall, Arizona State University welcomes returned Peace Corps volunteers (RPCV) as they continue their service in underserved communities through a partnership with their academic units. Currently, ASU has a total of 18 fellows, including 10 new fellows chosen for the 2020-21 school year.

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Professional Development and Events
By Zach Reeves-Burton on August 24, 2020

As we prepare for another semester, the Graduate College's Student Support Resources team paired up with the Center for Mindfulness, Compassion and Resilience to deliver programming about how graduate students can overcome imposter syndrome.

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Student Voices
Town Hall 2020 featuring Mark Searle, Elizabeth Wentz, Cassandra Aska and Kenja Hassan
By Keith Chandler on August 10, 2020

On Tuesday, July 28, the Graduate College hosted its first-ever Graduate Student Town Hall virtually to address graduate student questions concerning the plan to return to campus this fall.

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Dean's Message
By Vice Provost and Dean Elizabeth Wentz on August 6, 2020

The 2020-21 academic year will be like no other. All of us, graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, graduate faculty and staff, who together create the Graduate College community are doing our best to navigate returning to school in a new COVID-19 world. 

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Professional Development and Events
By Zach Reeves-Burton on August 6, 2020

Large-scale disruptions to economies and industries like the COVID pandemic or the Great Recession can make entering the job market even more daunting for graduate students than usual.

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Professional Development and Events
By Zach Reeves-Burton on July 28, 2020
A central tenet of ASU's charter is to advance research and discovery of public value, assuming a fundamental responsibility for the communities it serves.
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Best Practices
By Zachary Reeves-Blurton on July 21, 2020

In today's academic and career environments, graduate students face a great deal of stress, both from external sources (faculty committees, academic chairs, lab supervisors) and internal ones (the pressure to achieve, need to live up to expectations).

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Professional Development and Events
By Zachary Reeves-Burton on July 15, 2020
In this week's Grad15 mini-webinar, Graduate Affairs program manager Shannon Lujan discussed Preparing Future Faculty and Scholars (PFx), a career-readiness program
Grad15 professional development faculty scholars seminar
Awards and Funding Opportunities
By Angie Mitchell on July 9, 2020

While ASU travel restrictions remain in place, the Graduate College will continue to offer professional development funding for internet-based programs and events which occur between August 1 and September 30, 2020.

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