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Office of Strategic Graduate Enrichment

The Office of Strategic Graduate Enrichment (OSGE) partners with ASU’s colleges and schools to achieve two strategic goals:

1) to determine a Unit's priorities and assets for advancing graduate program enrichment through curriculum innovation,professional development, and training grant initiatives, and identify strategic funding sources that will support these initiatives;

2) to establish, or broker, a networked community of interdisciplinary and industry collaborators that brings the right resources together to ensure success in providing quality and competitive graduate programs.

Our approach: Shift. Partner. Innovate. Impact.

Launched in August 2018, the Office of Strategic Graduate Enrichment (OSGE) offers a new approach in collaborating with academic units to achieve two objectives. First, to increase a unit's funding portfolio through three focus areas - curriculum innovation, professional development, and training grants. Second, to build and advance a networked community among ASU units and industry partners that will accelerate the growth of graduate programs at ASU. The OSGE's approach is driven by four actions: Shift. Partner. Innovate. Impact.

  • Shift – Being nimble in thought and action that supports strategically modifying programs that attracts more quality graduate students and postdoctoral scholars to ASU.

  • Partner – Cultivating relationships with interdisciplinary and industry partners to access assets and investments that will increase funding portfolios through curriculum innovation, professional development and training grants.

  • Innovate - Bringing partnerships and funding together that leads us to think beyond the status quo to provide for more ideas and creativity in designing tomorrow's innovative graduate programs today.

  • Impact – Dedicating talent and resources to focus on strategies for advancing the growth of graduate education and producing impactful outcomes now.

Ready to work together. Contact: Jill Lemna, Manager, The Office of Strategic Graduate Enrichment: email jill.lemna@asu.edu or call 480-965-8536.