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Enrich Your Experience

Enrich your experience

CIRCLES Group Mentoring

CIRCLES is a peer-led group mentoring framework that offers space for exploration, discussion, collective problem-solving, co-learning and mentoring connection for graduate students based on shared identities or interests in an informal small-group setting.

Create a CIRCLE

The CIRCLES peer-to-peer framework is ideal for virtual or in-person connection and can readily be adopted by academic units, schools and colleges, and graduate student organizations.The CIRCLES model has been used to create cross-disciplinary community space for graduate students from underrepresented and minoritized communities, including:

  • First-generation students

  • LGBTQIA+ students

  • Scholarship/fellowship recipient cohorts

  • Black/African American students

  • Indigenous/Native American students

  • International students

  • Latino/a/x students

CIRCLES has been adopted both by units within ASU and by outside organizations.

CIRCLES Consultation and Facilitator Training

The Graduate College offers both a Canvas-based CIRCLES facilitator training curriculum and consultation for units interested in starting their own peer-to-peer group mentorship opportunities. To request a consultation on adapting CIRCLES to your needs or request access to the CIRCLES facilitator training curriculum, click the 'Request information' button. View our CIRCLES FAQ for more information on employing CIRCLES in your community!

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