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Enrich Your Experience

Enrich your experience

Resources for Mentors

Effective mentorship is critical to the retention and success of your graduate students. As a mentor, the time you spend with your graduate students has the potential to be one of the most impactful relationships of their time at ASU and have continuing effects throughout their professional careers.

Join our HUES and SHADES mentoring community

  1. Join the ASU Mentor Network.
    A fast-growing network of over 10,000 faculty, students and alumni where students can find peers and faculty with related academic or career interests, network with alumni and match with prospective mentors based on their individualized mentoring needs.
  2. Look for the Graduate College HUES and SHADES Mentoring Directory group on the ASU Mentor Network.
    In support of ASU LIFT (Listen, Investigate, Facilitate, Teach Initiative) and in recognition of the unique psychosocial support needs of graduate students from all underrepresented or minoritized communities, the Graduate College has launched the HUES LGBTQ+ and SHADES BIPOC Mentoring Community on the ASU Mentor Network.
  3. Create a post to introduce yourself.
    We invite all BIPOC and LGBTQ+ faculty and staff to join, introduce themselves and engage with our students.

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Graduate College Outstanding Faculty Mentors

Nominated by their students every year for excellence in mentoring, our Outstanding Faculty Mentor awardees share their mentoring philosophies and practices.

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Graduate College Introduction to Indenity-Based Mentoring

This Canvas-based guide was created for mentors in the HUES and SHADES identity-based graduate mentoring program, but offers modules and tips relevant for anyone interested in developing or refining their mentoring practice.


Mentoring 101 tip sheet

This series of best practice tip sheets addresses common questions and concerns in initiating mentoring relationships, including the following: Goalsetting for Mentors and Mentees, Initiating Mentoring Relationships, Intentional Conversations and Nine Practices for Mentors.


National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity

As a part of its inclusion and diversity initiatives, ASU is proud to be an institutional member of the National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity. The NCFDD offers a variety of webinars, training materials, and other resources ideal for faculty, postdoctoral scholars and graduate students. Individual free account activation required.

A list of peer-reviewed sources on mentorship and mentoring outcomes.