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High school teachers: Become eligible to teach dual enrollment courses

Help high school students get a jumpstart on college

Dual enrollment instructors teach academic and occupational classes that allow high school students to earn credit for high school and college at the same time. The classes are taught by high school teachers who have met hiring qualifications by community colleges and universities. Typically, dual-enrollment instructors are required to have a master’s degree or higher in their chosen content area, or a master’s degree in any area with 18 graduate hours (500+) in the content area. You can learn more about the Maricopa Community College dual enrollment program, including the key early college academic course options to teach. The requirements to become certified to teach dual enrollment classes can be found on the Maricopa Community Colleges website: View Qualifications.

Take ASU coursework aligned to hiring requirements for dual enrollment instructors

ASU courses are offered online and in-person and in a range of subject areas.

Download a sample of coursework available to teachers:

Download available courses

Not seeing what you need in the chart? You can use the ASU Class Search tool to find graduate-level courses that align with your subject area. 

Transfer credits to earn a Master’s degree

Graduate courses leading to dual enrollment eligibility can seamlessly apply toward Master’s degree programs that will allow all 18 credits to apply to the degree. Below are degree options. You can contact the academic unit directly about other degree options for applying the coursework.


Get Started

To begin your journey towards eligibility to teach dual enrollment courses, follow these steps:

  1. Review the information provided by Maricopa Community Colleges detailing HLC minimum qualifications for hiring in your desired subject area. If you have questions about what courses (course prefixes, course titles, master’s degrees, etc.) qualify under a specific dual enrollment subject area, please consult with your coordinating college. If you’re not sure which coordinating college to contact, please refer to the Maricopa Community Colleges dual enrollment website.  

  2. Review the ASU courses that may align with your dual enrollment subject area. If courses you need are not listed there, visit ASU Class Search to view your classes of interest. To search for courses, please choose the term you want to begin taking courses, the campus, the subject area, and click on “Advanced Search” to choose the “graduate” level. Note if the courses are offered via ASU online classes or the in-person/iCourses (campus based courses offered virtually). 

  3. Once determining the way that your courses of interest are offered, complete an ASU application choosing that campus: You will be able to register for courses offered from the campus you are admitted to. For example, if you are admitted as an on-campus student, you will be able to register for in person and iCourses.

Once you have been admitted as a non-degree seeking student, email and include the subject area in which you would like to take courses. You will then be connected with the academic advisor in that subject area for registration assistance, if needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Download answers to frequently asked questions about funding, admission, registration and certification.

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