Grad15 Presents: Critical Reading Strategies

As graduate students, we know that sometimes it feels like you are reading constantly. We’ve all been there: we’re reading an article or chapter, our minds start to drift, and suddenly we realize we’ve read three paragraphs but can’t recall any of it.

Graduate College talks mentorship in Grad15 and Mentoring Matters sessions

In advance of the 2020-21 Outstanding Faculty Mentor Awards, the Graduate College hosted two mentoring sessions designed to help new graduate students develop and make the most of their mentoring relationships. 

Graduate College launches Mentoring Matters workshop series for graduate students

In September, the Graduate College launched the first in a series of new workshops about graduate student mentorship. Hosted in partnership with the New College of Interdisciplinary Arts and SciencesMentoring Matters: Knowing Your Mentoring Needs helped new graduate students better understand graduate-level mentorship.