How to practice different forms of gratefulness

The season of giving is here! There are various ways to give thanks, from cooking with a loved one, establishing a meditation practice or sending a card. Here's how to express more gratitude in your life!

Breaking the stigma: Resources and tips during Suicide Prevention Month

Remember that mental health and emotional wellness should take priority as the semester gets well underway. This blog provides essential wellness tips and crisis resources during Suicide Prevention Month.

It’s a marathon, not a sprint: Four tips for completing graduate school or a triathlon

“This is too hard,” I told myself. “You’re doing it!” yelled someone I didn’t know.

6 Tips on Writing a Diversity Statement for Graduate Admissions

Diversity statements aren’t just for organizations or for faculty job postings. Many law schools and some graduate programs may ask applicants to provide a short statement about their personal background and potential contributions to the school or program.  

Students can feel stymied by these prompts - especially if they are optional - but these can provide a great opportunity to showcase your individuality and contributions to your future program.