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Outstanding Faculty Mentor Awards

Outstanding Faculty Mentors

Congratulations to our 2018-2019 awardees and nominees!

On Wednesday, Jan. 30 we recognized our 2018-2019 nominees and honored this year's recipients of the Outstanding Postdoctoral Mentor, Outstanding Doctoral Mentor, Outstanding Master's Mentor and Outstanding Instructional Faculty Awards. Highlighted this year by an address by Vice Provost for Academic Personnel Deborah Clarke and remarks by each of this year's recipients, the Outstanding Faculty Mentor Awards is an opportunity for ASU's graduate and postdoctoral communities to share in celebrating inspirations and accomplishments in mentorship.

This event is open to all graduate faculty, staff, postdoctoral scholars and graduate students.


Mentoring is one of the central professional development pillars of a graduate education. Strong mentoring is essential to the successful creation of transformative leaders, knowledge mobilizers, master learners and career navigators.

Every year, the Graduate College recognizes outstanding faculty members for their outstanding service to the graduate student and postdoctoral scholar communities through mentoring excellence, commitment to professional development and career advancement and the fostering of inclusive, collaborative academic environments. Active, committed mentors not only offer coaching, modeling and feedback in academic and career development, but provide essential psychosocial and interpersonal connection and support.


Nominees must be Arizona State University faculty or postdoctoral scholars who have either:

  1. chaired or served on dissertation or thesis committees for or currently work with at least three (3) ASU graduate students, or

  2. demonstrated commitment to graduate student or postdoctoral scholar success through holistic mentoring, commitment to professional development, fostering of inclusive and collaborative academic environments, or thesis/dissertation committee service.

Previous Outstanding Faculty Mentor Award winners are not eligible for consideration. A list of awardees and their essays on mentoring is available on the website here.

Evaluation Criteria

Nominees are evaluated based on each of the following criteria:

  1. mentoring excellence – a demonstrated record of mentoring excellence as indicated by a clear understanding of and evidence of supporting graduate student/postdoctoral scholar academic, professional and psychosocial needs; evidence of support beyond the classroom, lab or office; and strong testimonials from former graduate students/postdoctoral scholars;

  2. fostering of inclusive, collaborative academic environments – a demonstrated commitment to diversity and inclusion in mentoring as indicated by cultural awareness and sensitivity, recognition and respect for differences in perspective (cultural, racial, socioeconomic, gender, sexual orientation, etc.), and openness and transparency in the mentoring/advising process;

  3. commitment to professional development and career advancement – a demonstrated commitment to graduate student and postdoctoral scholar professional development and career advancement as indicated by encouraging pursuit of publication, external grant funding or conference presentation, cultivation of a strong professional portfolio, development of network connections, dissemination of knowledge (knowledge mobilization) outside the academy, etc.