Resources for Faculty and Staff

Getting Started

Working together

The Office of Strategic Graduate Enrichment's structure is to serve as a consultant to ASU's academic units to help advance their educational programs offered to Masters and Doctoral students and Postdoctoral Scholars by:

Strategy. Determining what assets are available to make appropriate modifications through implementing curriculum innovation, professional developmentand training grant initiatives into strategic planning processes.

Investments. Finding strategic funding sources and building a network of interdisciplinary collaborations that provides the best advantage to securing grant funding and advancing the units' graduate education program objectives.

Resources. A toolkit designed to support the units' efforts to identify strategies, develop grant-funded proposals, secure the right collaborations, and access to professional development programs designed specifically for graduate students and postdoctoral scholars.

Questions to consider about your graduate programs

  • Is there a demand for access to funding to support curriculum innovation, training and professional development?
  • Is there a desire to shift ideas, objectives and resources in order to increase student recruitment?
  • What strategic objectives could be achieved through the right funding, connections and partnerships?