Grad15: How to negotiate your salary

As a graduate student, you develop important professional skills such as effective communication, project management and creative problem-solving. One skill that is not often taught is how to negotiate a salary. This knowledge gap isn’t exclusive to graduate students - even professionals with years of experience may not feel confident in asking for a raise or for a fair salary offer.  

The best ways to search for an industry job

What are the best ways to approach the search for an industry job?  Natalie McIntyre, Career and Industry Specialist from ASU’s Career and Professional Development Services (CPDS), joined the Grad15 team to share some suggestions and resources.

Grad15: Improve your professional profile on LinkedIn

As the job market for academic professionals grows more competitive, a strong resume on its own won't cut it. During the latest Grad15 session, Amanda Athey, Director of Student Support Resources at the Graduate College, shared tips for leveraging your LinkedIn profile to build an online professional presence, learn about an industry, make connections, and build a personal brand to market yourself effectively to prospective employers.