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Hiring via PTR

Appointing Process

Graduate students are appointed to assistantships, associateships, or internships via a Personnel Transaction Request (PTR). Additional information on the hiring process can be found at

Graduate Appointment Processing

Graduate Appointments including GSAs and Interns will be onboarded via PTR.  These are not processed through Kenexa Brassring. This applies specifically to the jobcodes below.

Jobcode         Title
989004           Grad Service Assistant
989001           Grad Teaching Assistant
989002           Grad Research Assistant
989556           Grad Teaching Associate
989557           Grad Research Associate

Guides for processing PTR Hires and Rehires for graduate appointments through PTR are available on the PTR Webpage.  While a position will need to be available for the appointment, the Ready to Recruit process is not required to complete the PTR.

Remember that all requirements for background checks, fingerprint checks, and the Form I-9 completion are still applicable.  The department will be responsible for completing an appointment letter and acceptance with the graduate student.  It may be helpful to include the Student Onboarding page in the offer letter for helpful onboarding information.

Graduate appointments will incur Employee-related expenses (ERE) charges as well as tuition remission charges for RA/TA appointments.  For more information, please visit and

If you need assistance with graduate appointments, please contact Katrina Roalson, Sr Director, Fiscal Business Services in the Graduate College.