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This fall, the Graduate College will continue hosting the Grab15 webinar series to support graduate students’ professional development and guide them through their academic career and beyond.

All sessions are held via Zoom and are open to the ASU community. Attendance is free, but registration is required to receive each session's Zoom link.

Grad15: Talking about imposter syndrome

As we prepare for another semester, the Graduate College's Student Support Resources team paired up with the Center for Mindfulness, Compassion and Resilience to deliver programming about how graduate students can overcome imposter syndrome.

Grad15: Knowledge Mobilization helps graduate students put research into action

A central tenet of ASU's charter is to advance research and discovery of public value, assuming a fundamental responsibility for the communities it serves.

Grad15:Why you should enroll in Preparing Future Faculty and Scholars (PFx) program

In this week's Grad15 mini-webinar, Graduate Affairs program manager Shannon Lujan discussed Preparing Future Faculty and Scholars (PFx), a career-readiness program for current ASU graduate students and postdoctoral scholars.
Designed to complement the deep learning offered by students' academic programs, PFx broadens exposure to diverse career opportunities, guiding participants in exploring the value of their graduate degrees within a

Grad15: How to create your digital portfolio

In our most recent Grad15 webinar, Academic Affairs Program Manager Shannon Lujan discussed how to cultivate a digital research presence with a digital portfolio, an important career readiness tool for graduate students. 

Grad15: Introducing the Career Navigators program

In this week's Grad15, Amanda Athey and Zachary Reeves-Blurton introduced the Career Navigators program, the newest professional development initiative for graduate students from the Graduate College.

"A PhD is great training for in-demand skills -- critical thinking, qualitative and quantitative reasoning, creativity, communication," notes Athey, director of the college's Graduate Student Support Resources team.

July Grad15 sessions examine career development and research impact

With the summer quickly winding down, graduate students approaching the completion of their programs are beginning to prepare for their professional future filled with resumes, interviews and jobs.

Grad15: Business plans for student entrepreneurs

Through the months of June and July, Grad15 will be examining professional and career development opportunities for graduate students. This week, Wiley Larsen, program manager for the Graduate College's Office of Postdoctoral Affairs, introduced a four-step model for student entrepreneurs interested in marketing their research outside academia.

Grad15: Five prestigious fellowships for graduate students

In this week's Grad15, Joshua Brooks, manager of the Graduate College's Distinguished Graduate Fellowships Office, shared information on five of the most prestigious fellowships available to ASU graduate students.

What is a distinguished award?

A distinguished award acts as an academic credential — an indicator of future success and mark of exceptional scholarship — that will follow a scholar throughout their academic career. 

New Grad15 summer series: Put your future first

This spring, the Graduate College started hosting Grad15, a weekly mini-webinar series via Zoom to provide helpful advice for graduate students. We will continue the series starting June 2. 

While we all could use a little break this summer, we also know you want to be ready for your future. To that end, we’ll be focusing through June and July on professional development, talking about how to best prepare yourself for your career post-degree, and we’ll be joined by some experts who can help. 

Grad15: Funding for international graduate students

In today’s Grad15 mini-webinar, RoniSue Lee and Tania Hernandez with the Graduate College’s International Initiatives team shared tips, strategies, and resources to help make international graduate students’ and researchers’ searches for funding more effective and productive. 

Grad15: Web interview etiquette for graduate students

For this week’s Grad15 mini-webinar, Melissa Werner, Certified Special Events Professional and Executive Director of the Office of University Events and Protocol, joined us to share tips for taking part in an online interview.  

Grad15: Student and Mentor Communications in the Time of COVID

As we move into the second month of work-from-home mandates for many Arizona State University employees and students, the reality that uncertainty and disruption may have a longer-term impact on their academic careers is setting in for many graduate students. 

From travel restrictions to research access and shifting TA and RA duties, uncertainty is becoming a new norm. More than ever, it’s important that graduate students connect with their mentors, advisors and committees.

Grad15: How to take advantage of virtual conferences and events

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the way we learn and explore professional development opportunities has radically shifted.  In this week’s episode of Grad15, the Graduate College’s Amanda Athey, shares essential tips for graduate students attending online conferences for the first time.

Grad15: ASU wellness expert provides tips for managing disruption

In our April 7 edition of the Grad15 webinar, Nika Gueci with the ASU Center for Mindfulness, Resilience and Compassion shared resources and tips on mindfully navigating times of disruption. More conversation than presentation, the session gave graduate students the chance to ask questions, share their challenges, and exchange strategies for maintaining mental health during our COVID isolation.

Grad15: How to prepare to defend your online thesis or dissertation defenses

Grad15 is a new weekly mini-webinar series tailored to address topics and challenges faced by graduate students in a timely manner.

In this week’s Grad15 mini-webinar, Amanda Athey and Janet Duke shared some timely advice and tips for graduate students preparing to defend their thesis and dissertation defenses online. Here are a few key takeaways from the session:

Graduate College launches Grad15 Mini-webinar series and the GradConnect Community

Grad15 Weekly Mini-webinar Series

Grad15 is a new weekly mini-webinar series tailored to address topics and challenges faced by graduate students in a timely manner.

Grad15 mini-webinar series gives graduate students tips for productivity

Grad15 is a new weekly mini-webinar series tailored to address topics and challenges faced by graduate students in a timely manner. In our inaugural session, Work, interrupted: Productivity in times of change, we shared four tips on how graduate students can navigate the disruption of a changed environment: 

Introducing Grad15 webinar series

The Graduate College is hosting weekly webinar series via Zoom, to support graduate students through the unusual challenges posed by the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

The new Grad15 series is topic-focused to provide helpful advice for graduate students and each 15-minute session includes a question/answer section.