Staff Spotlight: Amy Glasscock

In this feature, we invite you to get to know Amy Glasscock, our Specialist on the Curriculum and Format team. She shares her career background in this interview and outlines her key responsibilities at the Graduate College!

Staff Spotlight: Marjani Hawkins

In this feature, we invite you to get to know Marjani Hawkins, our Marketing Content Specialist and Editor! In this interview, she outlines her role at the Graduate College, her passion for writing and expanding her skillset.

Staff Spotlight: Carrie Robinson

We invite you to get to know Carrie Robinson, our Executive Director of Graduate Student and Scholar Success!

Staff Spotlight: Abby Meyer

In this Staff Spotlight, you'll get to know Abby Meyer, our new Event and Administration Program Coordinator!

Staff Spotlight: Cheri Poellot

Get to know the Graduate College staff! Cheri Poellot is a Graduate Support Coordinator, Senior in the Graduate Support Department!

Staff Spotlight: Steve Yena

Get to know the Graduate College staff! Steve Yena is the Director for the Data and Technology at the Graduate College. He has been with the college for seven years and has extensive knowledge of various, high-level computer programs.

Staff Spotlight: Madison Souza

Get to know the Graduate College staff! Madison Souza is the new Instructional Designer for the Graduate College, with a background in Curriculum and Format that she uses to create student-centric learning opportunities and enrichment.

Staff Spotlight: Dontá McGilvery

Get to know Dontá McGilvery, PhD, who serves as the Coordinator of Graduate Experience on the Graduate College’s Professional Development and Engagement team.