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Impact on a global scale

Our student-centered approach provides an inclusive and holistic educational experience that leads to a lifetime of impact-driven work and social embeddedness. See how the work of students like you is already enriching lives, transforming communities and leading to momentous scientific discoveries around the world.

Erica Soltero

Combating youth diabetes

Community-based interventions and family-focused strategies can help reduce rates of diabetes in at risk, minority youth.
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Blake Elliot

Understanding memory

How do we remember things that are valuable to us? Blake Elliot, graduate student in the Department of Psychology aims to find out.
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Anne Brigitte Lim

Work immersion program in the Philippines

Anne Brigitte Lim is working to bring together unskilled and uneducated laborers, educated trainers and solar energy employers to solve employment and socio-economic challenges.
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Infant under UV light

Reducing infant mortality

Vivek Kopparthi, Sivakumar Palaniswamy, Chase Garrett and Deepak Krishnaraju received over $500,000 in awards and investments for their new phototherapy treatment to combat infant jaundice.
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Maria Paredes

Parent-teacher teams improve learning success

Schools thrive when families and teachers work together. Maria Paredes, EdD, Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College, changed the face of learning inside and outside the classroom.
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Tanya Carroccio

Learning while improving global health

Tanya Carroccio, DNP led an effort in constructing a clinical residency and language-immersion experience in Guatemala.
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Dont√° McGilvery

Intervening in the school-to-prison pipeline

Can theatre serve as intervention for oppression? Doctoral student and pastor, Dont√° McGilvery advocates for a disruption of traditional K-12 and higher education curricula.
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Katherine Palmer

Global music ecologies

Raising awareness in resource conservation, interdisciplinarity and ethnomusicology. Katherine Palmer, DMA creates hands-on music programming for diverse audiences.
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Rebecca Cook

Destroying tumor cells

Rebecca Cook, PhD student in the School of Biological and Health Systems Engineering is conducting research by deploying scorpion venom against brain tumor cells.
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Adam Gushgari

Fighting the opioid epidemic

What can we learn from wastewater? Adam Gushgari, PhD, Civil Environment and Sustainable Engineering, works with local governments to understand community drug abuse.
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Emily Zarka

Believing in monsters

What can monsters teach us about our society? Emily Zarka, who earned her doctorate in British Romantic literature, discussed monsters on the PBS Digital Studios show Monstrum.
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Cody Van Cleve

Rapid deployment humanitarian aid unit

Solving the challenge of healthcare and clean water for refugees in remote areas. The first fully contained turnkey medical unit deployed to Uganda in 2019 addresses a need for services and support of a global 65 million and growing refugee population.
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