Doctoral student strives for better healthcare communication

Rezaul Karim believes that in the world of healthcare, communication is key. In this Q&A, this Enrichment Fellow discusses his passion for solving health disparities and long-term aspirations.

Hispanic Heritage Student Spotlight – Alejandra Sandoval-Martinez

In this conversation, PhD student Alejandra Sandoval-Martinez discusses representation in academia as a Latinx woman, addressing healthcare disparities and the importance of mentorship in higher education.

Hispanic Heritage Month Student Spotlight - Autumn Pauley

In this Q&A, first-year Global Health student Autumn Pauley details her work as a research assistant with a Mexican and Filipino background, the importance of mental health and future career plans.

Student Funding Spotlight: Tripke Travel Grant

This month, we highlight Tripke Travel Grant recipient Mirtha Garcia, a fourth-year doctoral candidate in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences who has had a lifelong passion for sociocultural anthropology.

Finding meaningful careers for PhDs and postdocs

Access a professional development training platform that helps doctoral students and PhDs successfully transition into academic or nonacademic career paths.

Researching how to transform urban areas to counteract carbon emissions

Eli Pérez-Ruiz, a graduate student in ASU’s School of Earth and Space Exploration, has travelled across the Sonoran desert to study variations in natural urban landscapes to learn how these variations affect carbon dioxide fluxes-- the carbon gas exchanged between ecosystems and the atmosphere. 

His research is complex, so Pérez-Ruiz translates it into terms we understand too well; urbanization and climate change.

Even introverted graduate students can learn to build professional networks in PFx workshop

Preparing Future Faculty and Scholars (PFx), a course designed to help doctoral and MFA students and postdoctoral fellows transition successfully to employment in academic and nonacademic fields, kicked off its 2020 Spring events with the Academic Introvert, No More: Building Authentic Professional Relationships workshop on Friday, February 21, 2020.

ARCS award means life's a little easier for some of ASU's top doctoral candidates

The latest Arizona State University recipients of the Achievement Rewards for College Scientists recently met to showcase their wide-ranging research and thank many of the donors who made their work possible.

Each year, the ARCS Foundation Phoenix Chapter awards $8,500 to academically excellent doctoral students — money to be used in whatever way students need.

Preparing ASU's future scholar-professionals

The Graduate College holds professional development opportunities throughout the academic year. One of the most popular events was the Spring 2019 Professional Etiquette Dinner, co-sponsored by ASU’s Graduate College and Connected Academics.