Funding opportunities

Recruitment Advancement Awards

The purpose of this funding is to assist academic units in recruiting top Doctoral, Master in Fine Arts, and other terminal degree applicants to campus-based programs. Funding can be used for application fee waivers, meal vouchers for remote attendees, or airfare of prospective/future students only. Academic units are responsible for providing lodging, meals, and local transportation (ride service, shuttle, taxi) and any other incidental travel costs for students who travel to campus.

Funding is specifically intended to increase the quality and/or inclusive excellence of the incoming cohort to meet the objectives of the program, College and ASU charter.

Individual applicants can not request this funding through the Graduate College.

About this Award

Award Details

  • Up to $5,000 per qualified doctoral/terminal degree program
  • Academic units should request 'lump sum' or total dollar amount



Deadline for Funding Proposals: Monday, November 13, 2023 by 5:00 p.m. Arizona time

Deadline for RAA Reimbursement Request: June 1, 2024 by 5:00 p.m. Arizona time 


Funding may be used to bring Doctoral, Master of Fine Art, and other terminal degree applicants to campus for recruitment, interview, admission, or yielding purposes with the specific intention of increasing the quality and/or inclusive excellence of the incoming cohort to meet the objectives of the program, College and ASU charter. Only one proposal may be submitted per academic unit/department. 

Award Procedures

  1. Graduate Faculty Program Chair/Director or designee electronically submits a completed Graduate College Recruitment Advancement Award Proposal Form.
    • The proposal form asks for specific details about recruitment and visit plans and enrollment projections, units may want to work together to prepare this information ahead of submission.
    • Proposals will be evaluated based on the information provided as well as the record of units in successfully utilizing past awards.
    • NOTE: Late proposals are unlikely to receive support.
  2. The Graduate College will review the proposal and award a set dollar amount to the unit to be used for economy-class airfare only (additional booking fees, seat selection fees, etc. are not covered), application fee waivers or meal vouchers for remote attendees. Units will be notified via email of their awarded amount approximately four weeks after the proposal deadline.
  3. After completion of the recruitment cycle, the unit is responsible for submitting the Recruitment Advancement Reimbursement Request Form which will include submitting the following:
    • RAA Funding Recipient List
    • Detailed Revenue Expense and Ledger Accounts Report from Workday with transactions identified (sample provided with award letter)
    • For airfare expenses only - Supporting documentation including but not limited to itemized receipts showing proof of payment
  4. The documentation will be reviewed and upon approval of the submitted documentation, the Graduate College will email the unit’s Business Manager (as identified on this proposal) to provide the appropriate cost center and program information and  request a journal be entered in the FMS (WorkDay).