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National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program

The NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program recognizes and supports outstanding graduate students in NSF-supported science, technology, engineering, and mathematics disciplines who are pursuing research-based Master's and doctoral degrees at accredited United States institutions. For more information about the NSF-GRFP program, please visit

The Graduate College helps to administer this fellowship program to awarded ASU students. Fellowships begin either in summer or fall based on NSF’s award notification.

About this Award

Application and Eligibility Information

To be eligible for the NSF GRFP, you must:

  • be a US citizen, US national, or permanent resident
  • intend to pursue a research-based Master's or Ph.D. program in a GRFP-supported field
  • be enrolled in an eligible program at an accredited United States graduate institution, with a US campus, by fall following selection
  • be at an early stage in your graduate career
  • have completed no more than one academic year of full-time graduate study (or the equivalent)
  • Graduate students are limited to only one application to the GRFP, submitted either in the first year or in the second year of graduate school

To apply, visit

For ASU students interesting in applying, please visit /current-students/funding-opportunities/distinguished-awards.

Award Details for NSF-GRFP recipients

For each "On Tenure" year, GRFP Fellows will receive:

  • $34,000 annual stipend from the National Science Foundation, paid through the Graduate College on a monthly basis.
  • Institutional support from the ASU Graduate College:
    1. Graduate resident or graduate nonresident tuition based on residency classification.
    2. ASU standard fees and program fees
    3. ASU student health insurance - registration via MyASU required annually
    4. $750 in research/educational expenses - Funds can be used for research supplies, professional development and/or travel. 
    5. Summer graduate tuition - coverage up to a total of six graduate-level credits for the summer term.

Recipient Contact

NSF Coordinating Official for ASU - Katrina Roalson, Sr Director, Fiscal Business Services, 480-965-7627,

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