Etiquette pointers and best practices for graduate students and postdocs

Graduate students and postdocs learned helpful tips from an etiquette coach to be prepared for lunch, dinners and happy hours in a professional setting.

Postdoc Profile: Luis Welbanks

Dr. Luis Welbanks is a Postdoctoral Scholar at the School of Earth and Space Exploration who studies the atmospheres of exoplanets to investigate what they are made of. Dr. Welbanks aims to use his research to determine if humans are alone in the universe.

Postdoc Profile: Arturo Cano Bejar

Meet Dr. Arturo Cano Bejar, a Postdoctoral Research Scholar at W. P. Carey Department of Information Systems whose research at ASU focuses on understanding the hows and whys of hate speech and personal financial decisions.

Postdoc Profile: Debalina Maitra

Dr. Debalina Maitra is an Associate Research Scientist at Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering whose research focuses on diversity, inclusion and equity. Dr. Maitra hopes her research will make education more equitable for everyone.

Postdoc Profile: Devin Bowes

Dr. Devin Bowes is a Postdoctoral Research Scholar at the Biodesign Center for Environmental Health Engineering whose research leverages community wastewater to non-invasively and comprehensively understand various aspects of population health and human life.

Meet ASU’s first-ever cohort of presidential scholars

The Graduate College is pleased to welcome the inaugural cohort of Presidential Postdoctoral Fellows and Presidential Graduate Assistants to ASU. 

Dr. David Shiffman Talks Sharks for Graduate College ASU Open Door Event

ASU Open Door, an annual university-wide event, invites the local community, adults and children of all ages, to experience the colleges, departments and organizations of ASU. This year, the event will be hosted virtually and begins on Monday, March 1, and will be available year-round!

Apply today for the Graduate College Knowledge Mobilization Awards

Applications are now open for the 5th annual Knowledge Mobilization Awards, presented by ASU’s Graduate College.

The Knowledge Mobilization Awards celebrate the achievement and innovation of graduate students and postdoctoral scholars who are involved in action-oriented, socially impactful research. 

Register for PFx workshop with PhD Matters' John Paulas

No matter what field you are studying or what career you are pursuing, having a PhD is an impressive achievement. 

Your PhD matters, inside and outside of academia. 

Dinner interview etiquette tips for graduate students and postdocs

A common professional-social situation that you might find yourself in as a graduate student or postdoc is meeting with peers, professors, or interview committees over lunch, dinner, or happy hour.

New publications by postdocs Carlos R. Casanova and Tahina Ramiaramanantsoa

Congratulations to Carlos R. Casanova, Ph.D, and Tahina Ramiaramanantsoa for their recent publications

Road Trip! National Postdoctoral Association Conference comes to San Diego

The The annual National Postdoctoral Association Conference is the largest national conference and networking event dedicated to the postdoctoral community and features national speakers and workshop sessions designed to enhance the postdoctoral experience.