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Recruitment Airfare Awards

These awards cover airfare to assist academic units in bringing diverse and highly-qualified Doctoral, MFA, or terminal degree applicants to campus for recruitment visits. Academic units are responsible for providing lodging, meals, and local transportation (shuttle, taxi).


About this Award

Award Details

  • $500.00 - $5,000 per program
  • Units should request 'block' or total dollar amount



Friday, December 6, 2019

Submission deadline is 5:00 p.m. local time.


Pre-admission: All units should apply in advance for funding. Only one proposal may be submitted per academic unit. Funding may be used to:

  1. Bring terminal degree students to campus for a recruitment visit.
  2. Recruit outstanding master's degree students the unit seeks to later admit to a doctoral program who are underrepresented in their fields.

Award Procedures

  1. Graduate Faculty Program Chair/Director or designee electronically submits a completed Graduate College Recruitment Airfare Award Proposal Form. Proposals should include:
    • The total dollar amount requested
    • A recruitment plan specifying how the unit will identify/recruit top students and plans for visits.  Review our best practices:
    • A description of how unit will leverage this award to strengthen and improve the diversity of the academic unit’s graduate student population
    • A description of how this year's approach is different from last year or previous years
    • A table identifying the number of candidates successfully recruited to ASU with previous Recruitment Airfare Awards compared to how many received the award and include yearly results for the previous 3-5 years that match submitted documentation
    • Proposals will be evaluated based on these criteria as well as the record of units in successfully utilizing past awards
    • NOTE: Late proposals are unlikely to receive support.
  2. The Graduate College will review the proposal and award a set dollar amount to the unit to be used at their discretion for economy-class airfare only (additional booking fees, seat selection fees, etc. are not covered). Units will be notified via email of their awarded amount and all applicable deadlines.
  3. After completion of the recruitment cycle, the unit is responsible for submitting the following in one (1) PDF to
    • Completed Airfare Award Recipients Form (to be downloaded and completed by academic unit) 
    • Detailed Revenue Expense and Ledger Accounts Report from WorkDay (with transactions identified) 
    • Supporting Documents (i.e., receipts showing proof of payment for transactions identified)
  4. The Graduate College will review and approve the submitted PDF packet and send an email with next steps for journaling funds.