Creating the conditions for success through effective mentorship

As we progress through our academic and professional endeavors, we may face obstacles. This is where the concept of a matrix of mentors comes in — a network that can provide different types of support at various stages of our careers. Dean Libby Wentz discusses the role of a coach, mentor, advisor and therapist.

Using data to inform decision-making

Who you know is important, but what you know is equally crucial. Making informed decisions requires using data effectively; Dean Libby Wentz discusses how embracing the nuances in data could lead to the best outcome!

What leads students to complete PhD degrees?

Dean Libby Wentz highlights fascinating research on what drives students to complete a PhD. Along with the data, she shares a few key factors she’s noticed – that contribute to successful completion (hint: community goes a long way!)

Parenting and grad school: the real talk about meeting this challenge

This month's featured guest blogger is Professor Leila Ladani, a Faculty Fellow at GC. In this conversation, Leila shares her experiences as a student and a new mother and how she balanced coursework with raising a family!

You’re just one person, and that’s okay!

We often have lofty goals for our future careers, like groundbreaking discoveries, publishing influential research, and leaving a lasting impact in our field. However, even if you don’t meet those goals, you can still make a difference and create a lasting legacy.

Tend to what you wish to grow: Gardening 101 with the Graduate College’s Dean’s Fellow

In this conversation, Dean Wentz sits down with ASU professor Gyan Nyaupane, a Faculty Fellow at the Graduate College for the academic year 2023-24. Nyaupane discusses his work at ASU, food and culture in his home country, and how he tends his garden!

A warm welcome: How food brings comfort and connection

Dean Libby Wentz talks about food as a form of welcome, celebration and even a way to achieve balance. She shares what she eats to stay focused during the busy semester and how you can incorporate stabilizing foods into your routine!

A history on master’s degrees and what it means for you

The rest is history? Well, not quite! In this month’s message, Dean Libby Wentz covers the history of graduate education – and sheds light on what it means for you in 2023. Also, you’ll get a glimpse of a picture made of many pieces, that is quite beautiful when it’s complete!

As my friend says: you matter more than you think

In this month’s message, Dean Libby Wentz discusses the impact of small actions on social change – and her hopes for you during the next chapter of your life! 🎓

Setting boundaries, speaking up and trusting your voice as a woman in academia

During this three-way interview, the three deans of the Graduate College talk about the hurdles and successes they experienced in their academic careers and give advice to students and professionals interested in pursuing a career in academic leadership.

Reimagining the margins

As a collective, we often think of margins as bad things because they imply confinement and rigidity. But what happens when we start to think of them as opportunities? This mindset shift can have major impacts in education, leadership and beyond.

The role music plays in my life

The start of a new semester means welcoming new faces and getting to know you a little better. I was inspired by a recent conversation with graduate students to reflect on the role music plays in my life.

Adapting educational practices to meet students where they are

One of my graduate teaching and mentoring philosophies is to “meet students where they are.” You might be wondering what that means.

Education opens doors and diversity opens innovation: A conversation with Lisa Magaña, Provost Fellow for ASU’s Hispanic Serving initiatives

In June, ASU was designated as a Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI) by the US Department of Education.

Making a fresh start

My best friend growing up had her birthday on August 5, which of course is right before the start of school.

Graduate students reveal how their research advances ASU's design aspirations

The Graduate College is collecting information from graduate students on how their research contributes to ASU's eight design aspirations. The results are inspiring.

Sitting on both sides of the table: Tips for combating job interview stress

The end of the school year is approaching. Sure, there’s excitement in the air, but endings can also bring uncertainty and insecurity. This is especially true when it comes to a top end-of-year stressor—the job application process. 

Resilience can turn setbacks into opportunities

You’re all familiar with the expression “when one door closes another door opens” and in honor of women’s

Learning how to say the right thing at the right time

Once upon a time—a long time ago—I was sitting among some friends and acquaintances when  a heated discus

Setting goals for success in the new year

At the beginning of each new year, we hear a lot about New Year’s resolutions in the media – mostly about